Article on handbags in Chicago Sun-Times

  1. Good read, thanks.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I love all information on books on handbags too! :yes:
  3. BOXERMOM ~ What's up with reading the Sun-Times....what about the Trib? HA! HA!
  4. You should see our local paper down here! The only way I get real news is to read the Trib and others on the internet. I go to the Sun-Times after I go thru the Trib site. I am a newspaper lover and I miss the Trib and all things Chicago:love: so much! It's just not the same without my beloved Tribune spread out all over my breakfast table. The computer monitor doesn't have the same ambience.:shrugs:

    I'm plotting my next trip back. Hope it's before Christmas. I want to see all the lights and store windows downtown.
  5. Great article! I need to send it to my boyfriend. Maybe it'll help him understand a little more about my obsession. Thanks!
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