article on coach sales and pleated ergos for Mothers Day.... relaunch of soho?

  1. Hey all, found this article while looking for at least a pick of the pleated ergos.... yes, i am desperate, but i am sooo bored w/ what Coach has on their site right now.... ugh

    Coach Reports 21% Sales Increase in Q2 :nuts:
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    “As part of our transition to spring, we recently introduced the new Slim Carly, offered in leather and Signature across multiple silhouettes leveraging iconic elements. In addition, we updated our Hamptons collection with a fresh color palette and silhouettes, including the popular Madeline tote, and introduced new spring accessories,” Mr. Frankfort added. “For February, we will be launching Heritage Stripe - a group of coated canvas totes and bags representing a new concept, broadening our scope of attitudes - as well as a new collection of Signature Stripe handbags and accessories at great price points. For March, we will be introducing a new silhouette – the Francine satchel - while updating the Hamptons Weekend collection. April will mark the re-launch of Soho, and we are very excited about pleated Ergo – coming in for Mother’s Day." :wlae::yahoo::woohoo::girlsigh:
  2. Wow that is awesome! Thanks for posting this!
  3. i am wondering if we can order the pleated ergo earlier like we do w/ some bags??? hmmmm
  4. that is so exciting!!!
  5. OH NO I was planning on Soho in the fall or winter :nuts:

    Just when I figure out a game plan for the year :lol:

    Thanks for the info :tup:
  6. All I can say is, Happy Mother's Day!:yahoo:

    pursegal, Thanks for posting this article!
  7. Well I know that I am getting one of those pleated Ergos for Mothers Day!
    Need to decide on a color - geranium, white, tan, black, pond. I think the choice
    is pond hobo for me and maybe a gernanium one for June PCE! Thanks pursegal for posting this article. You are a star!
  8. thanks !
  9. Awesome info, thanks so much!
  10. thanks for posting! Can't wait to see the new Soho bags!!!:yes:
  11. I know when I heard they were bringing back the Soho Collection, I WAS STOKED. You girls have no idea how many girls we get that come in a day and say " I'm looking for the moon shaped bag." hahaha
  12. Soho line is pretty pretty!! Hope they bring it back with something cute!
  13. I love the soho, I cant wait.
  14. I can't wait to see what the new SoHo's look like!
  15. Interesting article! Thanks for sharing, Pursegal!!