Article number for Classic???

  1. Can someone please post thearticle number for all sizes of classic flaps please? including the east west..the SA in Melb are hopeless as to the sizing, so i guess with numbers it will be easier? i know its A01112 Y01588..the rest i have no idea and the jumbo? and can someone please explain which correspond to size and which corresponds to leather and which is to size?? and etc etc...your help is much appreciated!!! :p:p
  2. A01112 Y01588 is the Med/Large Classic Caviar Style No. for USD 1595, which is 10" x6''
  3. My caviar east west is A28598 Y01588. Unfortunately I have no idea what any of it means :p I'd like to know too if anyone has info regarding what the numbers mean :smile:

    I hope that helps though!
  4. I guess the first 6 digits are sufficient for the size. The remaining digits probably are the color the hardware style..
    I only know the exact style number of my medium flap. According to the convention, other sizes could be:

    small A01111
    medium /large A01112
    jumbo A01113

    I wish girls will indicate the style number when posting the pics, which is very helpful...:yes: