Article: Luxury spending in Japan

  1. very interesting! the last time i was in tokyo, i couldn't recall seeing people like that about. however, i've never seen more birkins in one city in my life!!!

    makes me wish i spent more time in chanel in ginza.
  2. interesting article, thanks for sharing!
  3. Agree, very interesting. I've never been to Japan. It certainly sounds like conspicuous consumption for a segment of the population.

    A few years ago in Honolulu, the Japanese tourists appeared to be spending money in the high end stores so fast it made my head spin! I guess they know exactly what they want--it takes me awhile to make up my mind.

    Thanks for sharing the article.
  4. I agree with it.

    A lot of my friends who modeled in Japan and me who didn't went to a bunch of Ginza parties because they were free for us. Ginza's not my thing, because I agree people are going there to show off.

    Bottega is huge in Japan, so many home-grown brands in Japan are adding the characteristic Bottega leather weaving into their own designs.