Article in today's New York Times about Lux Retailers Limiting Handbag Purchases

  1. That I don't know, but what an interesting morning read for me!!!
  2. saw the article this morning and it was really interesting.
  3. you're right about it being an interesting read...
  4. well we all know the quota about b´s and k´s and how h thinks in general about resellers but as always rules are there to be bent on a personal basis
    in the end it all boils down to image and marketing whether we like it or not.
  5. Very informative~ Thank you :yes:
  6. Very interesting, thanks!
  7. Latigresse, Thankyou for sharing, interesting indeed.
  8. Read this too in the AM...only reason i picked up the Times...puts another spin on the price increase coming up soon.. I figured it as just due to the disparity in currencies, never throught it was linked to the resale market in Europe and Asia.

    So if they raise the price enough here, the irony may be that it will be cheaper to buy in Europe with the VAT refund...ahhh...price games.
  9. It's just retail mind manipulation to make you think you are getting something super special after shelling out big bucks for it. I actually think it is kind of despicable.
  10. This is an interesting article with a different perspective. Thank you latigresse for posting this.
  11. I always thought such arbitrage happened on a small scale. One suitcase at a time. Now it appears more widespread, I understand why retailers are putting in place these policies. It makes sense. Since it won't really affect consumers like myself, I'm not too worried about it. I'm sure H has the same policies. They won't want people to take advantage of this price difference, when they have stores in Asia which they can sell items themselves.
  12. Thanks latigresse for posting. :smile: It was a very interesting read. :smile:
  13. Great read- thank you for posting!
  14. But I remember the Neiman Marcus/Saks restrictions before the dollar began drastically devaluing....

    Interesting article, nevertheless.