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  2. Thanks! What a great article....I loved the quote about "it" bag purchases becoming an exercise in banality....that's one reason I've switched my focus to H. It got to the point where, as the author says, I could've been as easily shopping at the Gap except for the price.
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  6. Great article! I really enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing the info.

    I noticed that she got a lot of facts wrong such as saying that H bags start at over $6,000. Yes, Kellys and Birkins do start there but not all H bags. And of course there are H bags for sale in the store ... that was a total fabrication to say that they are on display only and they all have to be ordered. And wasn't Jackie O's bag a Trim rather than a Constance?

    Can you tell a pet peeve of mine is inaccurate reporting!:p
  7. THere were quite a number of mistakes in that article, I found it pretty inneccessary and badly informed.
  8. I like the line where the author likens a handbag discussion to cardinals choosing a new pope......IT'S TRUE!
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  10. And luxury brands have been pushing the message, and the product, relentlessly. “It’s like you’ve gotta have it or you’ll die,” said Tom Ford, the former Gucci designer.

    This was an interesting quote. Very true for some reason in this day and age. I wonder if Hermes is pushing that subtle message lately to cause all the uproar of their product.
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