Article in Observer "Who spends £11,000 on a handbag?"

  1. Interesting, A. Thanks for posting!
  2. Nice post.

    I remember reading this back then.
  3. great read
    thankyou sooooooo much for posting it
    really kind of you

  4. thanks for posting, Aminamina!
  5. Interesting article - salutary tale about the employee who didn't get the rise because her boss thought if she could afford a birkin, she didn't need a raise. Now and again I wonder if clients, patients etc might think that H toting people are earning too much.....sometimes it's better just to reach for a more anonymous bag (or, GASP- claim that it is a fake!)
  6. Terrific read A. Thanks.
  7. You are very welcome, my dear ladies :smile:
    What I like about this article is it so down to earth about everything and is not really judgmental as it often happens when people talk about Hermes and their clients. Kind of Hermes with a human face.
    I particularly liked how the author described the workroom atmosphere. Oh, and the mystique ;) you buy into with your Birkin
  8. LOL!! So sad, but so true.
    And I barked out loud at the "housekeeping money going missing". I just had to bark quietly so that DH wouldn't hear me and possibly catch on to the fact that this happens quite a lot in our house. Heh.

    Thanks you very much for posting this one; I had actually never seen it before and found it really entertaining.
  9. I know this is an old article but, honestly, is this still/ever was true?!:rolleyes:

  10. Yeah.
    Not so much at the moment, but definitely so at the time when the article was written (in the US anyway, not sure about elsewhere).
  11. ^^oh definitely still true.
  12. What a great read! Really witty and gives a great depiction of the craving for the Birkin!

  13. Interesting. Thanks for posting.