Article in Nov/Dec Departures Mag About H Special Order Bag

  1. Just saw this today in Departure magazine (AMEX magazine sent out to platinum and centurion cardmembers). Article by a self professed H addict :yes:who took the step to a custom designed bag. (Briefcase/bag....this H addict is a man). The design process, the famed FIFTH FLOOR at the mothership, what a great little read. And what a FABULOUS BAG! Hard to describe it....he describes the exterior leather as a grained calfskin in indigo, with a goatskin H orange on the inside (chevre?). Would love for DH to have this....maybe then he would understad the obsession!:graucho:
  2. Aagh...can you scan the article by any chance? Would love to read/see this!!
  3. Will try, and then PM it to you as attachment. Don't know how the pics and text could be copied to the thread. But will try that too!
  4. I saw it, love the bag, maybe finally DH would use one if I could get my hands on it!
  5. I saw it too--I wonder if that was that the actual guy in the photo? Because if so, he was cute. :graucho:
    The bag was incredibly practical--but I also got a laugh out of the things that Hermes was like, "um, no" about. Retractable handles? Um, no.
  6. I saw it also... I don't think it was him. But if it was he is beautiful! Men are starting to come along when it comes to Hermes. It's not just about wallet's and ties for them any more.

    I need to snag myself one of those men at the wall street store. They are so beautiful ~ Shh... don't tell Mr. Someone Special
  7. ^
    You know that the HAC was oariginally made for men no?

    Please post a scan, it would be so interesting!
  8. Most likely Liberte, but you women just need to steal the best things and pretend they are yours lol
  9. You can log onto the Departures website with your Amex number and read article online.