Article in ALLURE Dec '07 about Arty's Shoe Service- Red replacement soles

  1. Heard Arty's mentioned on the board previously and saw this article in Allure's December '07 issue about their service- thought it would be of interest to fellow CL lovers who need to repair their soles!

    Sole Survivor...

    "Forget diamonds on the soles of your shoes; insiders know that the real status symbol is the red on the bottom of a pair of Christian Louboutins. Trouble is, even the walk to your town car can scuff them, and the scarlet fades to gray. Arty's Shoe Service in New York City now offers a replacement sole of pure red rubber. For $40, they'll custom-fit a pair with brand-new soles that look so authentic, the nearby Louboutin boutique refers customers. On a typical day, 15 pairs will come through the door and the mail. (Call 212-255-1451 for details)"

    -Cara Litke
    Allure Magazine December '07
  2. omg i'm so going to ask the cobbler here to get red rubber soles now! LOL!
  3. i hope someone in CA will start doing this too!!!
  4. That is awesome. Any cobbler paying attention will jump on this immediately! CLs are hot everywhere now!
  5. So I guess you can mail them in and insure them?
  6. According to the article, yes, you should be able to mail your shoes to them.
  7. Yay! I had the opportunity to meet Arty over Thanksgiving! He's a really down to earth, great guy. All the people who work there have a true appreciation for shoes. I'm so glad he got this exposure! But at the same time, the waiting time will go up. I mail him my shoes and I've never had a problem!!! Right next door is a shipping place so it's really easy for him to mail shoes back.