Article: Clothing that is just for the fashion set

  1. This is why I wish I lived in a fashion magazine. I have found that even in the world's most fashionable cities, I cannot get away with wearing exactly what I want. I save my most creative outfits for fashion week, but party hopping can be difficult as one outfit that looks amazing in one group looks out of place in the next.
  2. Hater ;).
  3. I don't necessarily believe that...

    I never dress for anyone else and I always want to put effort into my outfits, which is basically the opposite of this article, from how I understand it. I'm constantly being laughed at, glared at, and asked "Why are you wearing that?" wherever I go, but I dress for myself and to express my personality. If that means wearing a pair of vinyl Balenciaga pants (which it doesn't) when who cares? Why should one care what everyone else thinks? They're not the ones wearing your clothes. If you don't choose to express yourself through clothes and don't want to put effort into your outfits, that's fine. To each his own. But that doesn't necessarily mean that certain clothes are only for a certain crowd.
  4. I understood the article to say that clothes wear the people. Since the clothes are high end fashion.. the person wearing it are fashionable or stylish and that is bogus. that's why they have best and worst dressed lists all the time..