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    Industry Interview: Designer Elana Rubin
    New Site, New Trends and an Incredible New Collection!
    11/8/2006 8:02:21 PM
    Fall’s clean silhouette has ushered in new jewelry trends that feel incredibly fresh after last year’s romantic and bohemian vibe. Necklaces are quieter and simpler, with mixed metals, novelty shapes and extra long chains. Rings are bold and dynamic in metals versus gems, while earrings are sleek and subtle. Women have ditched heavy bangles and complex layers, opting instead for a single, easy piece that offsets the new shape of the fall season.

    With the new inspiration fall has brought, plus a redesign of her online store, jewelry designer Elana Rubin of has been one busy woman. This past week, we joined her for a quick chat on what’s new from the line, what was behind her new site and favorite tips for dressing this fall.

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