Article about K Caleche in Sunday magazine

  1. all you US people scouring for the Sunday magazine, calm down its only in Australia. Next week is the wonderful release of the Kelly Caleche fragrance. I am so excited for it. To celebrate this the Sunday magazine published and article about JCE and his process on making the fragrance. the best bit the this gorge photo of the fragrance with an epsom (what appears to be) white Kelly.
  2. Thanks for info Naughty

    I bought mine three weeks ago and its loverrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllyyy
  3. Thanks NM. I love this perfume. I daresay it's my favorite of all of them.
  4. Love the Kelly C and so does my DH:heart:

    Thank you, NM!!
  5. I think I have to agree: I'm not usually a fan of H perfumes (I only use Jardin sur le Nil) but this....I'm in love!:heart:
  6. nm, thanks for the article! I love the picture. I also liked Hermes philosophy
    to just "go for it" and take risks. I'm dying to try this fragrance. :smile:
  7. Thanks NM.

    Lillian said that the official release of this fragrance was on the 24th September. Can't wait to buy a bottle very soon!
  8. I know people have been saying that this perfume didn't last too long on them, but it lasted a moderate amount of time with me. I guess it just varies from person to person.
  9. I'm not a perfume person but I like the smell of Kelly C. It is light and refreshing. What I love the most from Kelly C is the nice packaging!
  10. DH surprised me with a bottle last night. He said he tried it and loved it and thought it would be perfect for me. I really do like it!
  11. Whataguy! I *heart* surprises. Well done you - how you feeling these days AL? Everything OK?
  12. Thanks for asking, H! My bed rest has been modified so I am able to go out for a little bit 2 days out of the week, which is HEAVEN. Having some Lupus related issues but baby "G" is doing great and he's a big boy already. I'm actually getting a little scared - LOL! All in all, can not complain (too much!). :smile:
  13. Thanks my freebie bottle today - SO CUTE! LOVE the kelly closure!

    Didn't last more than a few hours on my dry, english skin, though.
  14. Glad to hear it AL. I had a couple of biggun's they come out hungry and ready to feed (which is great) you'll do great.

    So glad you're able to get out - I imagine bedrest is killer ;)
  15. AL, I'm surprised you can tolerate any type of perfume at the moment. Take care now.