Article about "it" bags changing lives

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  1. Article reproduced from fashion magazine Her World, Sept 2005

    What do you all think about this? I know many of us have purchased "it" bags, but do you agree or disagree with what was said- can a bag change how people view you or is it just materialistic?
  2. I recently put something in my blog about the obsession over brands vs. just loving a bag for its design. I coined a phrase "b.randy" -meaning we've become randy for brands.

    I would agree - I think is does earn attention and respect from certain kinds of women - like the salesgirls at Neiman Marcus, or other handbag lovers.

    I think the effect a great bag can have, though, is mostly on the wearer's confidence level. If the "it bag" you are wearing makes you feel more stylish, powerful, beautiful - that added confidence is going to make a big difference in social setting, not the bag itself.

    I do think the "it bag" status of certain designers is biting them in the ass - because of the cheap knockoffs of the classic Vuitton monogram and multicolor monogram are (IMHO) quite tacky, and 80% of the time they look fake and I feel sorry for the wearer, and (because I'm shallow) I lose respect for the person.

    If I see a woman (or man) carrying a bag - and it's something I usually don't see but have always wanted (like an LV Epi, Bacher Emden, Valentino, Pucci) that's when I am the most impressed. Any woman can sit in her pajamas and go to and pick out the most expensive Vuitton or Dior she can get her hands on. I admire people who have more of a personal style than that.
  3. I have to some what agree.
    But whatever makes you happy I guess...if it's collecting colored toothpicks (from wood, plastic, to golden ones) if that makes you happy then go for it. LOL

    About the respect part...for me a woman can have the "it" bag of the year that costs around $50,000+/- but compared to a good education it doesn't even scratch the surface (for me). Education is very important. I would take a hard earned 10-year degree over a Hermes Birkin anytime. An "it" bag can lasts for months and a few (10+/-) years. But a degree, an education, is a foundation. Whatever happens in life you'll have something to fall back on.

    I think it was pretty interesting though...
  4. The author should take her head out of her oh-so-fashionable bag and get a life.

    If you even have to wonder whether it's shallow, self-absorbed and materialistic to represent your entire self-worth via your handbag... the answer ie YES. And no, buying the right handbag is not in the same league as finding a cure for cancer. I have a few handbags that I saved for and adore; but in the big scheme of things they are just bags.

    Why is she so coy about telling us exactly what bag transformed her little life? Probably people are looking at her now because she is so obviously & hilariously over-self-conscious about carrying it - she may give off a pathetic 'LOOK at MY expensive bag, mine, mine MINE!' aura.

    And why on earth would you want fleeting admiring glances from the kind of bubble-headed women who won't even talk to you if your bag doesn't cost enough. It's like the awkward kid trying to buy 'respect' by flashing this expensive stuff - we weren't fooled back then either.
  5. I realize your need to be self-important and condescending, but unfortunately even the most intelligent people fall victims to the one thing everyone craves: Acceptance.

    Why would otherwise-normal women rush out and get breast implants and plastic surgery? It's because pretty girls get more attention than ugly ones. Whether they have lives or not.

    Yes it's a sad commentary on our culture, but that's how things work. Expensive tastes also reflect success. You're successful if you can afford expensive things. Get it? That's how people see it.

    If you were on a job interview, would you feel comfortable in a suit from JC Penney or would you rather a tailored Armani?

    You're going to be judged on it, like it or not.

    Don't be so quick to be so harsh. Your resentment only comes off as petty jealousy.
  6. I don't think a bag ever makes the person better than the next (a few gasps I am sure- since I love handbags). If a person carries themselves well, is confident, has proper ettiquette then they will be percieved as a confident and successful person.

    Why is it that material goods can only buy success? To some success may be owning a Birkin, while to others success may be having a loving and caring family that is healthy. I grew up with the latter and those are still my values. Don't get me wrong... I YEARN for beautiful bags. But at the same time, I know what really matters in life.

    Sometimes you can be wearing something that is not expensive, but pull it off beautifully because you are confident and look better than the person with the $3,000 suit :amuse:
  7. I don't necessarily think of someone with a nice bag as a better or more successful person, I usually just think of them as someone with good taste. Who knows how they got the bag, they could be up to their eyeballs in debt, so I try not to make assumptions in that area.
  8. Well, besides not revealing the exact bag she purchased, the author of this article has some serious flaws in logic.

    Oxbridge Degree = Nobel Peace Prize =? Million Dollar Trust Fund
    So does that mean Wangar Maathai is equal to Paris Hilton? I think not, and if this women thinks something you can store in closet is equivalent to winning a Nobel Prize, she needs help.

    This is the saddest statement of them all. Because what the author is saying, is that if you buy a handbag, you can buy friends. I actually think this story was completely made up.

    Someone needs to tell this woman that the only reason people are asking her this is because they think she has the money to follow and purchase new fashions. Since she blew all her money on a bag, she'll be wearing her old stuff.

    Okay does that mean in order to fit your handbag into your budget you're going to stop buying clothes? Trust me when you wear a crappy pair of jeans with a $3000 bag, you look like a fool and people are going to think it's fake. In order to pull off a bag with that pricetag, you have to pay attention to your entire appearance, not just your bag.

    This is where she gets it right, but it's only because she doesn't know what she's talking about. A handbag has a pricetag, you can go to a store and buy it. Respect is priceless and it is not equivalent to a handbag. If she doesn't know that, I'd hate to see her walking down the street swinging around her purse like it means something. I'd have to shake my head, point and laugh at her.
  9. It really depends on whose 'respect' or admiration you're looking for.

    Not to get political again, (ok yes I do,) but think about it: Does bush care about the intelligence level of the people who voted for him? No. He just wants as many people to vote for him as possible.

    A vote is a vote.

    Unfortunately, more than 1/2 the nation makes judgements about their politicians on whether they'd want to invite them to their barbeque or not. Kerry seemed stiff and impersonal, and bush jr. was more relaxed and genial (even though he's by all accounts a failure in all of his previous business ventures.) Now we're ALL paying for the poor judgement of half a nation.

    It's the old saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover," and yet everyone is still guilty of it.
  10. How very sad that ones' life is affected by those whos' opinions' are formed by the name on a purse. It is, unfortunately, the American way.
  11. All I know is that I could never get the time of day from a Saks sales associate until I walked in carrying my Chanel bag. Feh.
  12. Same with me sometimes! I specifically remember a time I went shopping down in Miami and my mom and dad had given me their CC with a $2,000 limit they said for a birthday present. I was so excited but not one soul would act like I existed bc I was young and I had a Coach bag and nothing better. It is sad! I remember being so upset and feeling shafted.

    A few weeks ago when I was home my mom was carrying her Gucci Horsebit Hobo that I got her, and I had my Paddington, and the SA would not leave us alone. It was like they were swarming around us like a carcas. My mom just told me how sad and silly that is, which I truly agree. :weird:
  13. Oh yea... a big welcome to the forum MHarvey!! :biggrin:
  14. Isn't that a shame? I have been ignored in high-end stores, just because I didn't feel like getting dolled up to go shoe shopping. When this happens to me I always write a note to the company with the exact date and time that I recieved poor service. I usually end up getting an apology and gift certificate.

    You really can't judge people by the apparel they already have - because someone who doesn't have a nice bag might be going into a store to get one. And everyone deserves respect, no matter if you don't think they fit it.

    This why this article still bothers me, especially the anecdote about the woman at work being ignored by her coworkers until she bought a new bag. It's just a handbag - it's only function is to make you happy and look great. It might get you better service in a store, but it isn't going to make you a better person.
  15. I don't know that the writer was totally correct, but on some levels I have to agree with her. I work hard to make a living, pay the rent, bills, and save for our retirement and vacations, not to mention that we're getting married in the spring. I can't spend $2000 on one bag, especially given that I like variety. I like my $400 Coach bag with it's nice quality and soft leather. No, it's not a Botkier, a paddington, a Bulga, and no the leather isn't quite as buttery soft as those bags, but I can't really afford those right now even though I think they are gorgeous. It doesn't mean that I don't have incredible taste or a sense of style, it just means I have other things to spend my money on right now. Those are incredible bags, and maybe my Coach bag isn't as spicy of a label, but it's not junk either. I admire those pricey bags for their lovely leather, etc, but I will not invest unless I know the that the style is a classic and the quality lasts. I do agree that you get what you pay for, and I love great quality, but to some degree with an "it" bag, you are paying for the label. I don't think you can judge someone's taste by what bag they carry, and frankly you can't even assume their budget, because as previously said, just b/c they're wearing their levis and moccasins from Target with a coach bag doesn't mean they can't afford a luella. Can you tell I had a bad experience with a SA this weekend? Stepping off soapbox sorry hehe