Article about Cristobal Balenciaga in this month's US Vogue

  1. In this month's (March) issue of Vogue in the US edition, with Scarlett Johannson on the cover, is an article about Cristobal Balenciaga's design house in Paris in the '60s. Here's the tagline: "Nostalgia, p. 122: Mary Blume recalls her friendship with Balenciaga's premier vendeuse, who gave her the confidence to wear the designer's curiously demanding clothes."
    I rather like the ending of the article: "'You know, M. Balenciaga would have torn that off your back,' she said." [about an improperly-worn garment]

    Also on p.130 model Crystal Renn describes her plan for staying in shape, and what she wears while doing so: "I hit Equinox for martial-arts classes in Y-3's hooded sweatshirts. And I never go anywhere without my Balenciaga Le Dix handbag-even the gym!"

    Just thought I would share for those interested in the history of the house.
  2. Sorry, it's April Vogue, not March.
  3. You mean Crystal only has one LeDix? That can't be! She must mean "one out of my set of LeDix bags," right?
  4. I would assume so. I did a google search afterwards to see if there was a picture of her carrying one, but no luck. I would love to know which one(s) she has!
  5. Lol..I also did a search...I didn't realize she was a plus sized model 'til I saw a few pics and read a blurb about her. That's cool that a plus sized model gets featured in Vogue!
  6. Here's one candid I managed to find of her ... but can't tell if it's a Balenciaga she's carrying:

  7. You know, Crystal Renn used to be a catwalk-sized model, for lack of a better phrase. There was an article in TEENVogue a few years back that talked about how she used to survive on Diet Coke and Lettuce to be thin. I'm glad she's made the switch - she is gorgeous AND healthy now! : )