Article about a specific Craftsman

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  1. I think the picture FF posted is also mouth-watering drool-worthy.
  2. Hell yeah. :roflmfao:
  3. I'd like to know who these are. :graucho:
  4. Cool thanks! I'll be trying it on my bags and let you know. I guess after all, the bags are made of leather:roflmfao:
  5. I should state, don't do it more than twice a year and don't use too much shoe polish. Rub with a soft cloth. Applying to much shoe polish, or applying too frequently will cause the wax to rise to the surface of the leather like a bloom.
  6. thanks for sharing!
  7. Found this old thread and thought it's worthwhile to give it a bump. Read the first post. Franck was the craftsman formerly based in Singapore.

    I found this comment interesting, since there's always been some debate in this forum if the stamps are unique craftsmen signatures or not.

    "He explains that each craftsman has his own trademark, signature and quirk that make his bags unique. Each finished product has a reference number that can be traced back to the craftsman who made it."
  8. This makes sense!! I got my constance back after the strap was extended, there was a card in the box saying something like, they try to send it back to the craftsman that made it for repairs.
  9. Great article :tup: really gives the readers an idea of just how much time and love goes into the bags