Article about a specific Craftsman

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  1. Pyrexia : Here's some info on Armand Assante
    If you know the movie Mambo King? or Judge Dredd? Maybe not your time :flowers:
  2. luckily it's behind her (esp if she is #1 fan) if not I was thinking my Q # is 238436354 :roflmfao:
  3. Armand is also an underrated actor IMO loved him in napoleon and josephine too!
    FF yup you have great taste!!!
    sorry for the hijack
  4. Gazoo, thanks so much for posting that. It's a great article. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for posting the article.
  6. All I can say is this guy (The Craftsman not Mr. Assante) is the stuff fantasies are made of. :love:

    He can whip us up something in the kitchen AND then whip us up an Hermes bag, all while looking like Armand which is a man's man of hunka munka studliness. Big Deep Sigh.......:drool:

    This man should insure his hands!!!! :blink:

    Maybe we should all place SO's requesting this particular craftsman.... :graucho:
  7. Great article, gazoo, thanks. :smile: and for those who had questions on how to clean leathers--including when to send it to the spa. Very informative.
  8. Thanks gazoo for posting! wow, he can cook too! yummy!!!

    .....and shoe polish on our H bags??? :wtf: Has anyone actually tried it before?
  9. oh la la! 'es 'ot!

  10. Gazoo: Many thanks. Great article.
  11. OK, guess who I dreamed about last night??!!!

    Yup, His Hotness, AA!!!

    Gazoo, thanks so much for posting this. I copied it into the bolide thread as well!
  12. Awesome article.


    Does anybody have any comments on this? apparently SHOES POLISH IS OK???:wtf::wtf:
  13. I have been told it's OK by Claude and several SAs. I've also done it myself without any problem.
  14. Thank you! A great read!
  15. on the subject of Craftpersons, my DH dropped my very battered 1977 trim into the Paris store (AKA Mothership) yesterday to get a repolish and try and get the gold lettering re-done as it had all worn away. he said the very nice Japanese SA took a look at it and tutted and said thay will do their best but can't guarantee what it will turn out like. my DH said it was a family heirloom (!!) , at which point she looked very worried! what he didn't say because it was too embarassing was that i got the bag really cheap anyway so anything would be better than the condition i got it in. DH rang me back and said it would take 8 weeks and he has to go back to collect it, apparently Hermes have to track down the son of the original craftsperson to work on it (ok maybe he made that bit up???). anyway it was nice that hermes could help and really weren't too stuffy about the condition of the bag. can they re-do gold lettering as the SA wasn't sure??