Article about a specific Craftsman

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  1. OMG Flossy, have you given up on Kiefer?

    Great article Gazoo. Really enjoyed reading it!
  2. Thanks Gazoo! Loved the article and especially the part about the Bolides. Also...CBK Massai pics make me want a Massai now!
  3. LMAO KG, nooooo ... I've been in :heart: with Armand since a young girl, when I saw *Unfaithfully Yours*..... with Dudley Moore .... Keifer is for weekends - now I really must stop hijacking this thread, sorry ladies
  4. Gazoo, that article is really very intersting - thank you very much for taking the time to post it :flowers:.

    Now..... I'm off to rent me some movies :graucho:
  5. I loved reading this, thank you for posting!
    Also, I didn't know the Masai had been released in 1997. Interesting
  6. O-LA-LA :nuts::drool::tup:
    Where's the line??

  7. Great article..thanks for sharing!!
  8. uh... who is this Armand? :confused1::shrugs:Is he an actor?
  9. Gazoo thanks for sharing!
    FF that mambo king is so hot!
  10. sharp intake of breath :nuts:.... pyrexia *who is this Armand? :confused1::shrugs:* please wash your mouth out LOL

    Emila: agree :drool:

  11. Well Princessfrog, looks like the line starts behind Flossy!! :P
  12. Thanks for the article.

    He is awfully hot. Somehow my image of a bag craftsperson as a crusty, old man, and not such a hot looking guy.
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. Gazoo: Thanks for the article, very interesting!
    Flossy: You certainly have good taste!!LOL;)
  15. Thank you for the article. I feel my hitting on craftsmen has been justified.:P