Article about a specific Craftsman

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  1. What is Mr. Lequet doing in Singapore? Is Hermes producing bags there?
  2. ooh he's handsome........
  3. Great article, thanks for sharing!!
  4. Does CBK has only black bags? :heart:
  5. I believe Hermes posted him here... he works the bags in our spa :yes: (and he IS dreamy:love: - I heard him speaking in French to a colleague and I just about swooned!)
  6. Fabulous article. I love reading how Hermes makes their terrific bags. Thanks a bunch!
  7. Wonderful article, Gazoo. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Gazoo, thank you so much!!! HHeels must read this!!!
  9. Thank you for sharing, lovely article!
  10. I was about to say thanks for the article, but thanks for the picture of the crasftsman!:love::graucho: He reminds me of Armand Assante back in his Private Benjamin days...
  11. luv2shophandbag :graucho::nuts::P
  12. Great article Gazoo, thanks for posting - what fun MrsS to meet Mons. Lequet

    For those who have a penchant for Mons. Assante (incl. myself :heart::heart:)
  13. ^^^Flossy!!!! I think he was just smoking hot in Private Benjamin. A wee hateful (LOOK!! its CLAIRE!!), but smokin hot!!!
  14. CB, Armand is smoking hot in everything in my view LOL!!! you don't even need to put him in an orange box:yahoo:
  15. ^ He's so charming, FF!! Thanks for posting that picture too.