Artgirl's Lv Addiction

  1. Help! Is there a doctor in the house?

  2. Great the shoes just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Wow, love your new lock it!
  4. Another LV lover! Can't beat that! Very Nice!
  5. OMG sunglasses and MC Chronos!!! and Ready to Wear ahhh I am jealous!!!

    my kinda lady lol
  6. Any close up pics of the Chronos or sunglasses ;)
  7. Very nice collection!
  8. :tender: Beautiful collection!
  9. Oh! Everything is so pretty!!!!
  10. Love your inclusion bracelts and shoes!
  11. There's no cure, don't try to fight it !

    Gorgeous collection ! :biggrin:
  12. Matt - I'll post closeups of sunglasses - however, are you talking about the MC Gracie bags? I'm unsure of the "Chronos" you are referring to. Sorry, not up on the lingo:shrugs: :upsidedown: Thanks for the compliments!
  13. wow that was quite a collection :heart:
  14. Gorgeous collection!! Mmmmm, LV sunglasses :love::love:
  15. Thanks! Here's some close -ups of Sunglasses and my "sneaks"! I hate trying on sunglasses usually - nothing every looks right UNTIL...LV - Oh no - Hubby is having a coronary - I can't stop with just purses and shoes! :roflmfao: