ARTE Bangle: What outfit to wear it with?

  1. I love my mom!
    We went shopping in Hong Kong the other day and ever since I graduated, I've promised her that whatever I spend for myself will be through using the money that I make from working. I told her that she's through spending money on me and that it was time for her to buy pretty things for herself. (Hence, the Chanel 2.55 Jumbo sized bag in Calf Leather which I'm drooling over and kicking myself because I want it so much.)

    Nonetheless, she told me that she was so proud that I was her daughter, she bought me this beautiful gift:


    I really love her. Not because she's given me so many pretty things but because everytime she gives me something, whether a flower, jewelry, a bag or a hug, it's just the feeling that I know I'm always loved no matter what. :yes:

    We are in a debate, however. I want to wear it during the day time and she thinks that it's only good for parties and special events. So, now I'm thinking, what outfit would look good with this bangle? Blue jeans and a plain white top? All black? Or am I wrong, should I just wear this during night parties or ballroom bashes?

    Loving the bling,
    LYO :o)
  2. That is gorgeous! :love:

    I think it would fantastic with something simple (jeans and a polo) as well as with eveningwear.

    I personally hate to be too "dressed." (Though I am rarely casual too. Always somewhere in between.)
  3. I know what you mean! I spend 5 days a week in business attire and this bracelet just doesn't seem to fit in, but on normal days I'm in jeans and tees and I just like to let my accessories do the talking! :yes:

    Thanks, I'll definitely take ur advice on simplicity!:flowers:

    LYO :o)

  4. That bracelet is gorgeous:drool: ! What a sweet mom. I can see it going with anything from jeans to formal wear. I tend to just go ahead and wear what I've got rather than just save things for special occasions.
  5. I agree! Life is too short - every occasion should be a special one! You must be as sweet as your mom, or she wouldn't give you such nice gifts! Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Tammy518: I hate waiting for special occasions, too! There have been so many times that I've wanted to buy something and wear it out of the store, but I try to keep control haha.

    Pippi: That's totally sweet of you to say, thanks so much!:heart:

    LYO :o)


  7. ITA. :yes:

    It's a lovely bangle! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I think it would look gorgeous for day with more casual black clothes, too.

  8. Me too! :yes: