Artcurial Hermes vintage auction Spring 2010

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  1. Just checked the Artcurial site, their next Hermes vintage auction will be held on May 11th at 10.30 a.m.

    Deadline for consignment is March 31st, so no pictures of the items for auction yet.
    Anyone going? The period is HORRIBLE for me, just a week later would have worked.
  2. #2 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    I can't plan from now to May, but I dought I would come. Last Arcturial auction was really bad. I bought a couple of items and they were, in my opinion, worst than they described. Plus, they made quite a lot of mistakes in the auction. They also lost my items and I had to wait 4 month to get them!!
  3. ^really? were you there to bid or did you place an absentee bid?
    In November I had contacted them to receive more info about some bags for auction because the pictures were really poor, but the replies to my questions were poor nonetheless.
  4. Well as you know I had a good experience with them and yes I maybe going
  5. I made absentee bid, and I asked for more infos on some items but got useless unswers. I really think the only safe way to buy with them is to go to the auction and look in person to the item. One of the items I bought had a hole in it and they stated good condition and not mentioned it...
  6. I may be going. =)
  7. I'm so sad I can't be going :pout:
    wanted to meet my dear Neishy and all of you!
  8. I have good experience though they did not response to my requests for photos or condition reports, however, I bought what I love. I need to leave absentee bid as I am in the other part of the world :smile:
  9. and I will be the one sitting right next to her in a straightjacket!! lol
  10. Ooh I didn't know about this one! I'll definitely go to the previews to drool all over my dream bags...
  11. I might try to go. Thanks for the heads up. I've never shopped this before but have heard wonderful things.
  12. SOme pictures are up.

    30 cm birkinin alligator niloticus (??probably croc nilo???) ,shiny
    pink, palladium HW, I stamped
    estm: 10k -12k

    Bearn wallt, excellent condition, orange grain leather (hard to tell from pic)
    estm: 350 - 400

    Birkin 30 cm, toile and ??? (marron leather) palladium HW contrast stitching I stamped.

    pictures not working sorry...
  13. If it looks like some pieces and if I can, I will go. Why not? :biggrin:
  14. Just waiting and waiting for the lot to be online...