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  1. I'd like to introduce myself - and my ArtBug Bags to you! My name is Gayle, I live in Alaska, and I spend most of my time creating fiber art. Along with art quilts and woven items, I make personalized Italian Lambskin purses, hobo's, travel bags, and totes. Most colors and just about any design you want are available. You can preview some of these purses if you go to I'd appreciate any feedback you might have! Thanks!
  2. Welcome to tPF! We always like to have independent designers around.
  3. Welcome - your bags are unusual and pretty.

    Oh, and indie designers rule :smile:
  4. Welcome to the forum. I like your lambskin bags a lot, they're unusual and very chic. Do you currently sell your work, yourself or through a boutique?
  5. Thanks for the welcoming notes.

    please re-read our rules before posting. Thanks

    p.s. wow, the collection pictures in the Forum are phenomenal!
  6. I like your use of color. None of your pics show the inside of the bags. Lots of pics from every angle are good! :yes:
  7. thanks for the tip, I'll get out the camera next time I'm in the studio!
    The larger bags have 3 full-size sections inside (one zippered) and another smaller inside pocket (also w/ zipper). I added outside pockets on the sides to the last two I made, but failed to take pictures.... I know everyone needs a basic black bag, but we all need color in our lives, too :smile: The lambskin comes in beautiful colors and are a joy to work with.
  8. please re-read our rules before posting. Thanks

    thanks to all who've responded to my queries, I'm getting new visions already!! gayle
  9. You designs look great. :flowers:
  10. your creativity is inspiring
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