-- Handbag repairs, share your experiences

  1. Okay...
    so I'm taking a bag to artbag next week sometime.
    Has anyone ever taken a bag to them for repairs?

    I need to have some stitching removed, have a magnetic snap placed on the bag, and then it needs to be stitched back up. I honestly would do it myself because I do make bags on the side, but I really need it to be perfect.

    If you have had a handbag repaired... or have had the construction changed or anything, please tell me you experiences... and if you did not choose, please tell me where you did take your bag to be repaired.

    I checked but they didnt really mention on the website that they did construction alterations.

    As a side note, artbag quited me 85 dollars for my alteration, and 2-3 weeks for it to be done.
  2. Yes, I brought my grandmother's late 1960's crocodile handbag to Artbag for a new clasp and to repair two stiches that had come loose. They did a lovely, fast job at a fair price. I like them.
  3. Thanks so much for your feedback, Fleur. :smile: that puts my mind at ease a little.
  4. You're welcome:smile:! Let us know if they do as nice a job for you.
  5. Meh... I can't help but feel like I'm getting ripped off. I described in an email what I needed done.. and I was approximately quoted 85 dollars.

    I take my bag there today... they tell me it's going to be 200!...

    I really had no choice but to leave it there... I went all the way uptown to do it.

    I feel like I've made a mistake... and maybe I should've taken it somewhere else.

    I realize that my repair/alteration requires taking some stitching out.. to put in a magnetic snap... and sewing it back up.. and a few other things... but dayamn!! 200?!

    If I go back, I'm scared my deposit will just be non-refundable.
  6. Oh no, Luna. I have been seriously considering for future things - this is terrible. Why did you leave it? Did you have the e-mail where they quoted you approximately $85? My definition of 'approximately' would put it plus/minus $50, maybe. But not $115!:sad:
  7. I was quoted less at a different place too.

    I left it because I was on my lunch break.. and if I had just went up there for ntohing.. it would've been a wasted trip.

    I emailed the guy that originally quoted me the price.. I think he is the owner... I am hoping he can help me out.

    I was willing to pay a little more than 85, obviously, but 200!?!?!?

    I'll keep you posted on this. I might just go back and get my bag and a refund, and take it to Fordham Leather repairs on 33rd.

    I seriously hope this Chris guy can do something for me.

    I feel so ripped offffff!!!
  8. I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy. What is the work you asked them to do?
  9. I asked them to replace a simple button closure with a magnetic snap closure. They will have to undo the lining to do that.. also replace 3 old buttons with 3 new buttons.

    The thing that sucks is that the guy that helped me had a really horrible accent... and he wasn't even very nice to me... until I gave him my CC.

    Crap!!! :sad:
  10. My original email:
    and i included photos
    ananasmango.JPG finishedproduct.jpg finishedproduct2.JPG ananasbroken.jpg ananas2.JPG
  11. Response from Artbag

  12. The funny thing is that the center chevron flap wasnt' even sewn down to the bag, so it isn't a major issue to put the snap on the flap either.

    Anyways, I wrote him another email tonight in hopes he will help me out.
  13. That is too bad. It does seem as if it should cost less than $200.00 to make the changes you want. I gather that the person who told you $200 is not Chris? I think I would have asked them why the price increased so much before I left the bag with them, but even now you probably can tell them not to do the work. The person who helped me was Art (as in Artbag) but perhaps he is retired? I hope they can resolve this in a way that makes you happy. Did you like the place that gave you the lower estimate? I did have a good experience with my repair, but I can see why you are not happy.
  14. I've heard great things about both places... plus the other place is on the street that I work on, so it's super convenient.

    The guy that helped me at the store was not Chris.
    I'll wait until I get a response tomorrow... He got back to me pretty quickly. If he can't do anything for me I'll just get a refund and go to Fordham.

    I told the guy that helped me that I was quoted $85 through email, and he gave me some excuse that the guy didn't know what he was talking about?
    who the hell knows.
  15. I wonder if the publicity that Artbag is receiving has driven up their repair prices? Considering the type of work, I think Fordham would do just as good of a job for a lesser price. If that email guy can't help you out then I'd suggest getting an estimate at Fordham. They seem just as reputable without the extra publicity.