AR's part-time stock & part time/city stock at Balenciaga Singapore

  1. hey all!

    i just made a quick call to check out the colors that the Singapore store has for city and part-time(in regular hardware)

    the SA said that there's a
    Part time(S$2399): leafy green(vert foret, i believe), and ivore...
    City(S$2299): leafy green, yellow and ivore...

    For Aloha Rag's part-time collection, there's mogano, ivore, and two fabric/leather ones...

    hope its useful for anyone considering a part time!
  2. No Violet with sgh??

  3. hmmm i'm really not sure, i only asked for information about the part-time and thats what they replied me with... maybe you can try emailing them? they reply reallyyy fast!

  4. netteweight

    what about giant hardware?
    im thinking of city or part time in giant hardware