Arrrrrrgh I'm so done with selling (I think) ;)


Dec 11, 2006
Midwest America; God's country
I've sold maybe 20 bags on the bay. Oddly enough my really expensive bags' have been dream exchanges! It's the two bags I've sold under 300 dollars that have given me HUGE HEADACHES??

The first one I was accused of cigarette staining on the "off white" bag. I don't smoke, or have I ever.

The second one I'm dealing with now has to do with water stains on the bag (bag has never seen water); it's buffalo with lots or wrinkles and discoloration and I talk about this in the auction. I state, ask lots of questions all sales are final.

I get a buyer who never asked me a single question; buys the bag. Peppers me with questions after she buys the bag (mostly about flash lighting)...gets the bag and probably has buyer's remorse and makes up the water stain thing. I was going to just give her the money back but then I though NO!!! This is not fair...If she did things right none of this would have happened. So I sent PAL lots pics to prove the condition; I guess we'll see.

Oh get this..I said the bag was pre-owned in the informational box. In my description I said the bag was shop worn and not pristine and the last floor model but still a collector's piece. She said I was SNAD because I didn't say in the description that I personally wore it and spilled liquids on it...somebody shoot me.


Dec 27, 2009
Sorry honey... I know how irritating buyers (and people in general, hehe) can be. Hang in there. Not all buyers are so high maintenance. :hugs:


Jul 23, 2011
the cornfields
^Sounds like that, if she dealt with PP directly, this was an off-Ebay transaction (for which, if I were the OP, I'd be profoundly thankful)

Congrats on the positive outcome, OP!


Jul 1, 2011
So cal where Else?
Be careful. That happened to me & then the buyer Filed a creditcard chargeback & Sent the bag back without notifing me with Fedex. My hubby Signed for it because i wasnt at home.

Hope that doesnt Happen to much Trouble for a 500$ bag. :sad:(((