arrrrgh I want this bag

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  1. Wow, it does look very nice in the shoulder tote! I have to check it out next time I'm at Nordstroms
  2. LOOOOVE that scarf print! Hopefully you can buy one soon and show it off! Woot!
  3. I saw that bag at Macy's Herald Square yesterday and thought it was very nice. They also had the shoulder tote in the denim patchwork which was nice as well.
  4. Got this at Nordies today (not on sale):
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  5. Let's try this again:

  6. Very cute! I think I'd really like it in a demi. That way it's a small bag with a more loud print.
  7. ohh pretty! maybe you'll find something even MORE fabulous than this one sweetie!
  8. How pretty. I want to see irl...
  9. I really like the shoulder tote style and think that scarf print is so pretty.