arrrrgh I want this bag

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  1. Oh wow! I've havent seen the new scarf print in the shoulder tote before.
  2. I saw that print in Lakeside in New Orleans last week. It's gorgeous! I'm just so afraid of keeping it clean. It's gorgeous though!
  3. It's only available in the department stores - very pretty in person.
  4. Ohhh, gorgeous!
  5. I saw it at Nordies yesterday. I like it because it has the wider shoulder strap - not the skinny ones!
  6. I love that scarf print. It's so pretty :P
  7. cute bag. and the broke thing, me too . . . so credit ;) .
  8. It's gorgeous! But, I think i'm going to wait until fall for this one.
  9. Oooohh, I really like that in the shoulder tote! I haven't seen that before. I prefer the shoulder totes too, with the one wider strap - more comfortable for me.
  10. love the shoulder totes ... I'm using my yellow optic one today!! the scarf print looks lovely in it.
  11. That is really pretty!
  12. It's not for me, but it looks even better in person.....
  13. I saw that bag in person today at my Dillard's...
    SO gorgeous but I don't trust myself with that fabric! :cursing:
  14. Seen it at Nordstrom today. It's Gorgeous!