Arrrrgh! I bid on a fake!

  1. I've been in eBay for about 2 years, so I guess it had to happen sometime. I bid on an Hermes scarf, did my research on the design etc. It was in the mail when I got home - and it's a copy! :cursing: It had all hallmarks, but it isn't 100% silk (if at all), so i wouldn't have twigged untill I had it in my hands. It's a shame, because I really like the design.

    Anyhoo, luckyliy for me , I paid by paypal (and qualify for buyer protection) and this guy accepts returns within 3 days (probably to keep his feedback rating).

    i'll keep you posted on the outcome
  2. Hi !!

    I am so sorry...I hate fakes:mad:
    It happened to me also and get refundedbut what a waste a can these people sleep well ???

    I hope eBay will do something sooner...

  3. It's happened to me, too, and I try so hard to be careful. Good luck with the process.
  4. I just got the refund for a FAKE Vuitton Epi Agenda MM today :yahoo:

    It happens to all of us at some time I guess :shrugs:

    Hope everything works out fine for you :flowers:
  5. I hate fakes. I'm sorry this happened to you; I wish you the best! And please do keep us posted.
  6. Fakes are awful, sorry about what happened. I do hope you get your money back!
  7. return it quickly and hope that you get your refund immediately.. fakes, nasty...
  8. Sorry to hear that! I am really nervous about eBay these days. Many years ago it was so much better.
  9. Makes me so :cursing: mad! Hope it works out ok and you get your money back!:flowers:
  10. eBay would be such a wonderful venue if only it had policies in place that would eradicate the unscrupulous sellers. They won't do it because they will lose money - so many transactons of fake items are completed without a problem because buyers just don't know they have been taken. And ebay gets it's cut.
  11. just top update you all, I got my refund but the :censor: d'dn't refund my shipping cost. (it was only $11 though). He didn't reply to my emails about the shipping cost event though he had the gall to file a dispute to mutually end the transaction!

    In the end, I clicked onm the option for "no I haven't agreed to end it" and left him a neg. (can you beleive this mo-fo has 100% FB for selling fakes?!) Surprise, surprise witin two hours he left me a retaliatory neg. I've left a facutal reply to my neg, but hopefully the word FAKE in his neg will ward off other people.
  12. omg
    how did he get 100% feed back
    that sucks
    so sorry to hear that
  13. people must be blind, lol!

    eBay Member Profile for momiw

    I received a fake from another seller too. this one looked really good. Luckily for me, I looked up the hallmarks online and found it was a fake. they too have because the buyers have been completely fooled. I'm waiting for my refund before I leave them a neg too.
  14. Good for you - your awesome!!! It will help others who are thinking about buying in the future. It gets my attention!!

    I have seen so many sellers with 100% feedback, and they sell fake bags. I think buyers just get to comfortable when they see a perfect rating.
  15. these fakers get their 100% feedback from people who either know they are buying fakes :yucky:and are just fine with it or from people who are scared of retaliation to post neg feedback, so :rant:the innocent buyers are never warned. it's like that with so many brands, i see it with gucci, chloe, lv. i report a lot of fakes too. sometimes the auctions get shut down. often not :mad:
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