Arrrrg!, Can I vent a moment?

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  1. Good Day Ladies, (& Gents),

    Okay due to some fellow PF'ers, I was able to locate my much desired Teal Julianne at Bloomindales, and on sale:yahoo:. So I did a charge send, and I just rec'vd it:yahoo:! However...............
    When I opened the package, (full of excitement by the way:yes:) I found a crumbled mess:cursing:, it was really just thrown in a box, no packing, no packing in the purse, so for the last days while in shipment, it just got crumpled, and crumpled and now I have a beautiful bag that is "hanging all wrong:cursing:" It just looks "not right"
    So I have packed it full of paper, to stretch the bag back into shape, and I have it hanging by the strap, and Oh Bag God in the sky Please ,I hope that it will conform back to the beautiful shape she should be! (And It's not a total loss or anything, and I am probably making a bigger deal out of this, than it really is. but I still paid alot of money, ($300.00) and was not expecting a purse, basically rolled up like a ball!!!
    Am I doing the right thing? Any Suggestion? How long should I leave it packed before it resumes it's natural shape???:confused1:

    I am still very happy I got, now I only need the Magenta, & Parchment one:graucho:.
  2. Call them and report on the sub-par CS job that the packing individual did on your item. If they don't know there are issues, they can't address them in the future.
  3. Put something with a little weight in it and try to evenly distribute it. usually that works for me. I throw a water bottle wrapped in a towel in the bottom (sometimes a few of them if its a big bag) and hang it up overnight. That usually helps smooth it out. Also if the corners are bent or just not right, stuffing a clean t-shirt in there sometimes can help to shape it up too. A little apple seems to help too.
  4. Oh my, I'm sorry this happened to your beloved Julianne! I think you are doing the right thing by packing her with paper, I'm sure she'll be good as new soon!
  5. ugh you must have been so disappointed when you opened up that box! I hate when people pack things crappy, but on ebay its usually worth the deal, but $300 is still a lot of $$ for a bag!!! Definitely call and complain. I dont know if there are any more in the system, but you should definitely say something.

    Plus, are these the bags that cost $20 to ship? If so, I would REALLY be mad!
  6. I don't know that I'd apple it until after you know if you're going to keep the bag. They may not allow a return if it's been appled. I like the tshirt and water bottle idea the others have posted. You might try wrapping a couple of books in the tshirts to see if that helps regain the shape too.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about the shipping issues with your teal Julianne. Hopefully, the recommendations from our fellow TPF members will help your bag regain it's shape. I would recommend calling the store that you purchased the bag from and letting both the hand bag and shipping dept. managers know that you are not happy about the $20 shipping/packaging of your Coach Julianne. Ask them to reimburse you for the $20 shipping fee as compensation for your shipping issue.
  8. Oh true, I hadn't thought of that. Very good point. The book thing is good too especially for a bag that shape :tup: just make sure you wrap it up a little so you don't have any pointy corners poking out.
  9. ^^ Good idea, but I think they should also discount the price of the bag even more considering she may or may not be able to use it. I wouldn't carry a bag that's hanging funky even if I did pay $300.
  10. How frustrating! I've ordered many things from Bloomies and they have always arrived in perfect condition and beautifully packed (though once they accidently sent me a size 14 instead of a 4 oops). You still got a great deal on it, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that it goes back into shape for you. Definitely call CS. They have excellent service there and may be able to offer you some sort of discount or something to make up for the goof up.
  11. Thanks Everyone, I will go do those things right now! (and yes it was 20.00 to ship).
  12. You paid $20.00 for shipping and they shipped it in that condition? Oh my. I am sure the paper you stuffed in her will bring back her beautiful shape though! I would love to get my hands on a teal Julianne!
  13. I hope it was a newbie in the store that did that. I would hate to think that's how they've shipped ALL their Juliannes.
  14. If i paid $20 for that to ship (which im sure they are making $$ on that) it should be very well packed! not just thrown in a box.