Arrrghhh!! Neimans Screwed Up My Order

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  1. Stupid NM messed up my order and instead of sending me my ivory Chloe bag, they sent me an ugly black isabelle fiore bag!!! I'm so peaved and now they don't have anymore left.
  2. They've been doing that a lot. The last purse I ordered online was completely different from what showed up. Just yesterday I had to return a dress I ordered b/c I ordered green and got blue instead. They need to work on their customer service!
  3. aWW..That suxs! They should try to get you your bag and if not then at least something else that you'd might like or want at a discounted price or gift card or something. :Push: I've had my last few orders cancelled I get really MAD!!! I never call to complain, should I?
  4. they offered me a 20% discount off of another Chloe bag. But it sucks because the sale price on the one I ordered was $680 from a $1600 bag. 20% is nothing.
  5. Sabrinahchan, you should definitely fight until the end. Bring the bag to the store, show them the receipt and everything and command them to either find the same bag or get something else for the same deal. Be persistent and sincere, tell them you're really frustrated because it has happened to a lot of people...

    I mean, worse comes to the worse, I think Neimans needs to improve their service and be aware of what is going on... I was the "my sad paddington" girl so I completely understand your annoyance.
  6. I did it! I called again! And spoke to a supervisor. They're getting me a paddington for the price I would have paid for the other bag! Hopefully they're not just lying about it!
  7. What kind of paddington? Is it the new model or old on sale item?

    You mean you need to pay for the IF bag to settle down the deal?
  8. No. I'm returning that ugly IF bag. And since they can't replace the Chloe bag that I bought, they're giving me a new model for the sale percentage.
  9. I'm glad it's being resolved to your satisfaction. Although I buy most of my bags in person because I'm lucky enough to live near Neiman's - I have always known them to go out of their way to please the customer in the most curteous way. Sometimes, of course, it may be necessary to be firm in your position. Congrats on a happy ending!
  10. I am so gald to hear the ending. Congrations.