Arrrghhh... my twilly keeps slipping (ideas?)

  1. Was given a gorgeous Brides de Gala twilly by my DD (5yrs) for Christmas. It's lime green (summertime here) and I love wearing it as a headband but it keeps slipping from my hair.

    Not so chic if you have to keep readjusting and fiddling with it.

    I could try hairpins to place it but I'm wondering if you guys have had this problem and how you fix it?
  2. This totally happens to me. I think it's the shape of my head, so I can't do this unfortunately. I even tried hairpins. Still didn't work.
  3. and blame it on the silky silk of Hermes! top quality can actually be a problem!:p
  4. I've worn it and been okay but like it better around my neck or on a bag!
  5. I have the same problem! I love wearing my twilly in my hair, but it slips a lot, and I have lost stuff from my hair before, so I'm too nervous to use my twilly outside.. I have considered trying to use clips or something, but I can't think of any way it will look good.
  6. how about just wearing it in a low pony tail?
  7. I can only wear it in my hair if I secure it in 3-4 spots with bobby pins.
    The silk is just to slippery.
  8. I'm glad you have posted this question because I too want to know the answer! The pictures in the H scarf guide make it look so easy and effortless to wear a scarf (applies to twilly as well) on the head but it kept slipping off when I was trying out.

    I was close to resorting to using bobby pins too but I am kind of worried they mind scratch the silk? Japster, where do you place these pins? Behind the ears and under the pony tail at the hairline?

  9. Yeah Fesdu.... that top quality silk and my scrupulously clean hair!!!!

    So what - I should go and buy a little polyester something :yucky:
  10. and make sure your hair is good and dirty while you're at it.

    with the scarf anyway, one thing that helps is knotting it, for some reason. i like to do 3 knots like gracekelly (the tpf-er, lol) taught me, but if you want that smooth look (no knots), i would suggest learning how to walk with a book on your head so you have that stiff regal thing down pat and then perhaps the scarf won't budge. or, another alternative, is go get a perm because the curls could act as an anchor for the scarf (not having that polished, iron-straight hair, my scarf doesn't slip so much).
  11. Have you guys ever heard of Magic Tape, also know as the Hollywood tape. It's a 2 way tape that you apply on the tag of the twilly and it allows your hair not to move from the twilly or scarf. This is a very very good thing to own. I use it all the time and it works like wonders, you can even use it on halter dresses and just about anything you don't want slipping!
  12. Baggaholic - I agree it is great stuff. Never thought to use it with scarves. I wear the twilly in my hair with the bow on top of my head too and it seems to help.
  13. Handybags: right? :yucky:
    so far pocket square works the best as headband (for me). better than the scarves.
    HH: maybe i need to get a perm!
    Baggs: thanks for the nice suggestion!! must give that a try!
    Sus: and that sounds super cute!
  14. Hmmm, I haven't had any issues with my twiggy moving once I put it in place. Does it move on the top of your head? Generally I have issues tying it and I get some hairs stuck in the knot. That may be why it's staying put.
  15. Baggs - you're a genious!!! :smartass:

    I'm a hollywood tape junkie but it never occured to me to wear it in my hair!

    I'll try it tonight and post in the action thread if it works :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

    Otherwise it's a perm.....:weird: