Arrrgh, Too Much Gold Booty! Need Advice!

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  1. Hi Coachies! I need help deciding on which bag I should return. I bought these a little while ago and still haven't clipped off either price tag. Inspired by posts on here where tpfers have firmly said: "Tag still on? Needs to go!" I'm forcing myself to make a choice. I bought the large tattersall graffiti tote and the n/s antique gold tribecca tote at the same time b/c I couldn't make up my mind.

    The appeal for the tattersall is I like the pattern, but I'm not sure I like the material. As much as I love how easily it can be cleaned, it feels so...stiff! Even my heritage stripe has some give to it, and as much as I love structure, this bag feels kinda harsh.

    The appeal for the tribecca is I don't have any bags in this color, which was what really jumped out at me (pretty & shiny!!). But I wonder now if it's the right style for me in such a pretty color (the garnet antique gold seems more appropriately fancy). Plus it's squishier/a little less structured than I'm used to.

    I also figure that if I return at least one bag, that's money to fund some traveling I need to do this month OR even go towards funding one of the adorable spring Poppy glam totes. Any thoughts? I can't make any returns until the weekend anyway, so I appreciate any feedback!

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  2. Hi Both bags are cute!
    I would go with the Tribeca!!! She is very nice!!! Plus Leather!!! The Tattersal is cute but coated canvas. Now, if you got like the Tattersal wristlet or Walliet tht would look cute with the Tribeca!!!!
    I think the better choice would be the Tribeca!!!

    Good Luck!!!!

    P.S. I saw the Tribeca at my outlet and she was marked down to $92 (after coupon).

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. if material is an issue for you, stick with the tribeca. i thought that too about my chainlink maggie (satin, i think) but i loved her too much and let her stay LOL. the garnet gold may be fancy but judging from your pictures, she suits what you're wearing =)
  4. tribeca!!! its sooo pretty
  5. I think keep the Tribeca hands down!! I have it in the gold color and love it. It is so pretty and can be worn with almost anything.
  6. Definately the Tribeca!!! It's classy!
  7. The Tribeca definitely!
  8. Ttibeca for sure!
  9. I'd personally say bie bie to tattersall... Tribeca much more neutral and appropriate for ANY time...
  10. I agree that tribeca is TDF
  11. I vote for the Tribeca! It's beautiful! I love, Love, LOVE Tattersall, but I'm not crazy about the graffiti on it.
  12. I agree,tribeca!!!
  13. I vote Tribeca, too, it's much more versatile and I'm not a big fan of the coated canvas. Maybe you can put a purse organizer in the Tribeca to give it a bit more structure. Better to take the tattersall back and put the money towards something you'll love more.
  14. Not to be redundant, but stick with the Tribeca. I think you'll definitely get more use out of her.
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    I would take back Tribeca - she's not a compartment bag and the more you fill her up, the less structure she has. The other one is so gorgeous and I have a feeling Tribecca will be around for a while.

    When I was looking at Tribeca, the more I comtemplated her the more I realized that the material is just not "stiff enough" where it's not gonna maintain her shape as well when you carry her. She appears to be a square but as you use her, the material is thinner so she's not gonna have the same shape as when you carry her