Arrrgghhh...why isn't the Fedex guy here yet???!!!

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  1. He usually delivers our stuff before noon...
  2. LOL, they say patience is a virtue, but I don't have it either.
  3. I feel your pain!
  4. Whatcha waiting for ????????
  5. ^^ Haha, yeah.
    Watcha waiting for??
  6. i totally understand how you are feeling. hope he arrives soon.
  7. They seem to sense when we REALLY want our stuff so they purposely drag it out. :sad:
    What are you waiting for?
  8. I'm waiting, too....not for LV though...a pair of Fendi B aviators!!
  9. I hope he shows up soon!! I wanna see!!
  10. I hate it when you know fedex is coming and they don't show up until at least 4pm. get the tracking number and check online at least you will know for sure if your package is out for delivery. can't wait to see your stuff.
  11. man why is it that they are only late on impt packets ?!?! haha if u ordered a pair of oven mittens (hey its the first that popped in my head haha) they would have been here bright and early in the am!
  12. still no arrival?
  13. patience honey, patience..
  14. Oh, please tell us what you ordered. :popcorn:
  15. I wanna know too...what did you order:graucho: Hope he's coming soon....:rolleyes:

    Waiting is such a pain in the butt :shocked::hysteric: