Arrrgghh! The Louboutin gods hate me!


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Oct 11, 2007
So, I've been on a serious hunt the past couple months for a good, classic-ish, but fun pair of Louboutins on sale (because I can't reaaally afford to get the more trendy styles that pop up on the racks, let alone ANY pair at full price). Finally, FINALLY, I score a pair of patent Numero Prives in Yellow, my favorite color! And on super sale! AND in my size! -- Which is near impossible because I run anywhere from a 35.5/36/36.5 depending on the style, designer, etc. (I know you ladies are well aware of the sizing issues) and they are always sold out! It seems too good to be true, and I'm biting my nails, waiting, waiting for my package from Saks to arrive... dreaming of the glory my feet will finally revel in...
And... Yay!:yahoo: It's here! Fast shipping too!
And... I rip through the box, toss aside the bubble wrap, lift the lid... and they are BEAUTIFUL! Fun, bright -- a little shocking, but definitely sexy! I slip these babies on and walk towards the mirror... and... hmmm... I've tried this style on in store, so I KNOW a 36.5 will fit very well... but these, they're kind of... loose. Not so loose that they slide off, but loose enough where I know after a night out, if they even miraculously stay on during the night, they definitely won't afterward. So I check the box... yes, 36.5, that's right... and I check the bottom of the shoes, maybe they were worn, stretched out and returned? No... paint is fine, not one sign of wear, BUT then I see it -- AAARRGHHH! The NPs are marked with a now glaring "37"!

I sit for a bit, in uttter pity, and ask why, why can I not find a decent deal on a pair of CLs? Sigh... seems I am doomed. My feet are definitely doomed. That, or my wallet will be doomed. :crybaby:

So... grasping at straws, I live chat with Saks, and CS tells me that there are aboslutely no more in stock and that I should mail the shoes back to get full credit. But, if I'm honest, a good part of me just wants to hold onto these and make them work (so pretty! such a good price!). The nice thing was, they offered me a 10% discount on any shoes on the site. So, before I ship them back, if any of you knowledgeable ladies have any suggestions to make them fit better, I would greatly, thankfully, gratefully appreciate it!
(And, thanks for reading through my mini-drama, haha :P)



Apr 15, 2007
36.5 at Saks at the Northstar mall in San Antonio as of Monday evening at around 7pm. GO!!!!! Call them!!!!!
Oct 21, 2008
Wow.. and they look great on you helladesigner - such a cruel shame that the wrong size was in the box :confused1:

Nothing more to add except good luck with finding the right size.


Jul 31, 2008
In My Own Little World
There were yellow yoyos 36.5 on the clearance rack(on the floor) at Saks ATL at 6pm. You can call in the morning and ask for Jonathan or Alita. Either of them should be able to help.


Jun 5, 2009
Philly Philly
I hate to make you even more sad, and I share your plight with Louboutin's, but I think they look too big. There is an awful lot of "shoe" viewable behind your heel and I imagine that even if you got the sling shortened they might not be that comfortable. I say send them back and get something else. Sorry. :shucks:


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Feb 27, 2008
I am sorry but I agree with Nico :sad:. My first thoughts when I saw them were "oh wow, that's a bit of heel showing at the back." You could get the sling shortened to make them stay on better but that won't fix the amount of heel in the back. If you're comfortable with it then keep them, but I think you are better off finding another pair that makes you swoon. I'm sorry these might not work out for you and I hope you can find something to replace them if you so choose!!


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Dec 29, 2008
:Push:Bummer that you were *this close* to getting your perfect shoe!:Push:

I really think you should just send them back and take the 10%. I know it doesn't seem possible, but there will be other shoes. Just be patient (I know, I know, easier said than done) your shoe will come along.


Jul 27, 2008
argh that is soooo annoying! i am soooo sorry! but don't despair - you will find your perfect shoe one day!