"Arrow" on CW...Based on DC Comics "Green Arrow"

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  1. Anyone check out "Arrow"?? It's the only show that is keeping my interest so far this Fall...maybe because Stephen Amell is hot...but I seem to have this thing for archers :P

    The storyline is based on DC Comics' "Green Arrow" and from what I hear, is keeping true to the comics.

    It's being filmed in Vancouver, BC (where I'm from :party: ) so I thought I should start this thread ;)
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    I finally got around to watching the first 2 last night. Great show! I thought it was going to be really cheesy but it is actually very entertaining. I like the flashbacks to the accident/island. It is a mystery that will keep me watching every week. I also like the action. WOW! That actor is amazing. I can't wait to find out what happened to him. I don't think I have ever seen him before in anything but he is fun to watch. :graucho:

    Found an interview with the star of the show. Very interesting:


    He does 75% of his own stunts!
  3. Yes! Stephen Amell is amazing! I was out for a walk with my kids the other day and discovered that the Arrow studio is only a block away from our home!! :yahoo: It's actually the old Smallville studio :yes:
  4. I LOVE this show! Has me wanting to find out what happened to him on the island!
  5. Now I am wondering if he is something beyond human. Maybe he has some super power? Super strength? Accuracy? Love this show!

  6. Ok, Oliver Queen scaling the wall in tonite's episode?? HAWT!!! :drool: I think I'm falling in love!! :love: Lol!! :lolots:
  7. I just watched the first ep I liked it, still got to watch the rest! First thought is that it reminds me a bit of revenge with the name crossing and the revenge plots but it has kind of a superhero twist to it. I am sure they will be lots of twists in this show already have the mum somehow implicated and that friend. I will have to watch some more to see if I really like it.
  8. Watched the first two episodes and I am hooked! Am curious to see if a bromance/partnership develops between Oliver and Digs. I hope it does! I really like Digs and would like to see him in on Oliver's secret.

    I love the whole cast with the exception of Laurel. Not really feeling her. Maybe she will grow on me.
  9. I am so hooked, i even watched the pilot twice. Good acting, good plot and some very fine man candy. Win!
  10. That lawyer lady, she used to be on Melrose, and is lacking a bit of acting chops... for my taste anyway. The main character, Oliver Queen- like him a lot. But some of the narrative is kind of lame, like it's meant for a 5 year old so they can follow the story. Otherwise, good show.
  11. ^^ Well...it IS supposed be a comic... :smile:
  12. Agreed re: Laurel, she annoys me. Her main storyline seems to be nagging on Oliver, although I guess someone has to do it. The little sister's storyline is annoying too, she's basically a big brat. Otherwise, I actually really like the show! The whole playboy billionaire thing like Batman/Bruce Wayne is hilarious.
  13. I was thinking the same, it is familiar to Batman
  14. Fun show, more arresting than others on WB
  15. Some eye candy for all you Arrow fans... ;)
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