Arriving on the H Side

  1. Hiya!

    Today I met up with some great and seriously funny TPF friends in SF for some H shopping and lunch.

    For my birthday, they got me a Rouge G ULYSEES MM!!!!!! BIG THANKS TO THEM !!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    It is soooo pretty!! The leather is exquisite!!!! :drool::drool:


    The Red pops against my Louis Brown and is just so rich!

    I scoped out a tie that I really want with the horse and buggy..I just want the black!

    YAY !!!

    Went to dinner later with friends for my birthday and am just chillin at home now!

    PERFECT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes::yes:
  2. Glad you had such fun!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  3. Thanks! We are definitely going to coffee when I get back.

    I picked up these wicked cool celebrity black Prada sunglasses too!
  4. Happy Birthday TRL!:party: Congrats on your Ulysee!

  5. Are we having a date? If you are wearing the sunglasses, should I be looking for a guy who looks like Tom Cruise with an agenda??? You'll know me of course, I'll be wearing the orange crocs:smile:
  6. LMAO!!!!! Tom Cruise with an agenda!!!!!! GK.....a Rouge H agenda and some cool looking Sunnies!!!!!
  7. I'm taller and skinnier :yes: Better looking in general and about a billion years younger. I don't keep my wife locked up in my mansion though...she's free to roam about the yard as she pleases.

    Rouge H- Oops...I'm still getting the colors down..Sort of embarassed I mixed up Sapphire for Brighton!
  8. AWWW, happy Birthday TRL!!! Glad you had such a fun day! Enjoy your agenda, they are wonderful, arent they!

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. Happy Bday!!! :d
  10. Oh, so your wife is a dog...too bad! No wonder you come here to flirt with the tPF hotties!:p

    Well, we'll just stick to coffee:graucho:
  11. A happy happy birthday - may all your Hermes wishes come true in the next year!:drinkup:
  12. Happy bday, trl! Congrats on your new agenda!
  13. Happy Birthday! And what lovely friends you have. Rouge Garance is such a lovely colour!
  14. Thanks GK, S'Mom, Orchids, Cobalt, ILoveLouis, Miss Sooky, Mizzle and MrsSparkles !!!!

    I mis-spoke: It's actually Rouge H!!!!
    Still gorgy!!
  15. congratulations, welcome to the orange side, action pics, please!