ARRIVED! New Orchid Guccissima Case!

  1. I know it is a bit late everybody but I got lazy. :p

    Anyway, here is my gorgeous pink cosmetics case....! :yahoo:

    I keep getting it out the box to stare at it. I soooooooooo love the colour, it is not only pretty in pink, but it is shimmery as well! :heart:

    brenda1.jpg brenda2.jpg brenda3.jpg
  2. awww its so cute :smile: i love it, is it on the us site....i want i want
  3. wow i love it - i tried to find this online but I couldnt....
  4. So pretty! OM, I NEED one :love:
  5. i love it, congrats.
  6. It's gorgeous!!!! I love it!
  7. Wow....that is so cute!!! Love love the color!!
  8. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! congrats!
  9. cute! congrats!!!
  10. LOVE! I want too! Where did you get it again?
  11. Wow...what a GORGEOUS colour!!!!!! :love: :love:
  12. WHOA! too gorgeous!
  13. I am speechless! It's so gorgeous!
  14. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. I :heart: pink gucci!