arrived! double folded classic+PIX+

  1. finallllyyy:heart:
    i think it is absolutely beautifullll, luv it to bits.I think i can say its the prettiest bag i have ever purchased. :drool:
    c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg c4.jpg
  2. Congrats on your purchase!
  3. Nice! I like it, is it vintage?
  4. Congrats - very pretty!!! :tup:
  5. beautiful! i love it! congrats!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous!! :heart:
  7. wow that material looks amazing - so smooth, shiny and soft. and so pretty on you!
  8. Elegant!
  9. Very pretty.
  10. It looks so elegant on you!Congrats!:yes:
  11. ooh love it! been looking at those. does it hold a lot?
  12. WOW!!!! LOVE it! Congrats! Enjoy!
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Very nice!!!!!!
  15. Gorgeous! I've seen them on eBay but never on a person. It looks great on you !