1. ok my dear tPFers, i finally received this JUMBO today with the $1695 price tag :smile: As I have asked in previous thread, does it look too large on me?

    My bf keeps saying that this JUMBO is not as elegant as the smaller ones, because of my small frame, but I just really love how much ROOM this bag has to be my everyday bag !!!!

    So here are the pics, PLEASE TELL ME FRANKLY YOUR COMMENTS & THOUGHTS !!!!!! :yahoo: THANK YOU ALL !!!


  2. I think it looks perfect, they don't call it Jumbo for nothing. I am 5'4" and size 4 and I carry mine all the time, I don't think it looks too big!
  3. I think it looks good on you. Of course, smaller chanel would look more elegant, but the jumbo is very practical and useful.
  4. Oh btw, I did tied a knot inside the bag to make the strap shorter in both the messenger / shoulder bag styles
  5. NO! It looks great!!!! I'm small too and I think it looks wonderful ...My fiance was just in shock when i told him how much it was. He started listing what he could of bought with all that money LOL...he doesn't understand anyways tee hee
  6. I think it looks great! You are petite but the lines of the bag are so clean and elegant that it looks terrific -- it is a classic, enjoy it! :yes:
  7. I think it looks brilliant. I have a 227 reissue and am only 5ft1.5, but I just love the way the size looks on me. Your bag's gorgeous, but in the end it is down to way you feel, how comfortable you are with it.
  8. I think it looks fabulous on you! Congrats!
  9. The way you described it, I thought it would look huge on you... but it doesn't. I love it!
  10. Well you KNOW my thoughts !!!!! :p LOL
    KEEP IT :yes: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks great on you !!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE this bag !:love: :heart:
  11. you're one of the special petite few who can carry the jumbo with such panache! I love it but it looked weird on me somehow. I'm 5"2 .. or it may be that I was wearing a skirt. I dont normally see big bags working on skirts. (anyone has an opinion on this?)
  12. same here, my bf said it's the same as his new Macbook Pro ! hahah~
  13. Thank you all you ladies' comments !!! I am going to take it to travel with me starting tomorrow until Sunday !!! YAY ~
  14. congrats.looks great on ya!
  15. Personally I think the med/lg bag suits the style of the bag the best, but to me there is no way I could carry the med/lg size during the day - just not enough room. I had the same thought the other option is another classic - like the GST.

    When I see the jumbo on every one else, no matter their size, I think it looks great but when I look at it on me, I feel it looks big . . . I'm 5'5 115 lbs . . . I think once you start carrying it, the size won't seem as issue . . . at least that is what I am counting on :yes:

    I think for the price, the size and the leather, and being a classic Chanel, it is a really good value . . .