Arrival Of Dark Red Reissue Ss08. Urgent Help Needed.

  1. HI ladies,

    you guys are my only hope for the arrival date of the dark red reissue ss08. Anybody knows? In US or Europe? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. The SA I spoke with from NM told me that they have no idea when they will show up, but it would not be before the Trunk Show which is scheduled for February 10th.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone knows exactly when they will arrive. I'm in the US and can't speak for Europe, but my SA gave me a time frame from now until March/april. I'm hoping for sometime in February.
  4. Nobody knows exactly. It's a waiting game for us right now.
  5. Same here, wuld be excited to know the new dark red reissue's arrival~~