Arrh! From right beneath my nose.. byebye dark silver 227 :/

  1. So I'm in Macau atm and I pay Wynns Chanel my daily visit. Didn't see anything I like at all, and then today, they bring out a dark silver 227!!! it was a return and there were tons of people on the waiting list but the girl was offering it to me first.

    so I'm there loving it, but thinking whether it's too trendy or not.. plus since I'm going to Paris next month (where it's gunna be tons cheaper) I thought I'd pass. Also, I was thinking I might like the metallic black more.

    So I went inside the casino, and I was still thinking about the bag. So after like half an hour I win more than enough to get it and thought whatever, just get it. So I walk out and guess what.


    omg, this was at 10pm+ mind you.. apparently some woman rushed in and grabbed it, and it wasn't even put on display.

    So I'm like stunned that in that half an hour window the bag was totally GONE.

    Of cuz that just made me want it more :/

    Just had to share this cuz gosh it was like 22k hkd for the bag, and just SNAP it was gone!!!!!!!

    ok now that I've gotten this off my chest, I put my name down for what is hopefully the metallic black that might be coming tomorrow. WIll go down and take a look. I think I would have liked the black better anyway.

    Keeping my fingers crossed :/
  2. Oh no! My fingers are crossed for you too. If this bag is meant for you, you'll get it whether it be in Paris or later down the road. I think you'll love the metallic black! But congrats on the win! That's AWESOME that you won enough to get the bag!
  3. sorry!!! Fingers are crossed for you that you get the metallic black!!!
  4. Well maybe it was not meant to be??? But of course u do not feel that way now :sad: This has happened to me. First I want it then I don't. When I finally decide I do, its to late. Hopefully the one u want will come in tomorrow.
  5. eventually you will get your dark silver. it's all about karma. I wonder if thinking about chanel can cause one to win at the casino....:graucho:
  6. That's a crazy story. You just gave me this image of a shark feeding frenzy of all these women rushing to get this bag, hair pulling, etc! lol!

    Anyway, not to sound to cheesy but it wasn't meant to be. Maybe you're destined to have the metallic black instead. That's pretty cool that you won enough gambling to get the bag though. At least you can put that towards the other bag!
  7. hope you get the black metallic!
  8. you won a lot!! congrats! You'll probably get the black metallic. cross your fingers!
  9. Congrats on your gambling winnings! I never get that lucky, I seem to lose enough that I could have used to buy my dream bag....oops :smile: Maybe I need to take some lessons from you.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure one will come your way
  11. Omg .... that's insane you missed it by just that little time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the black one .... good luck!
  12. That stinks... I hope you find the metallic black!
  13. Hope you get the black metallic and find another dark silver!
  14. thanks guys!! I went in today and they didn't have it yet :/ they said maybe next week, so I added my name for the light silver. was sooo freakin disappointed.

    bleh it was really a frenzy I think :p she made the waiting list seem like freaaaakin long!!

    they did have new stock today, just the brown bubble tote and the flap version of it, plus this classic shiny silverish 2.55-ish thing that I think is the modern chain? not so sure, but I didn't really like it.

    keeping my fingers crossed for next week :/

    thoh at this rate maybe I should just wait til I go to paris next month cuz apparently they are all in stock there and tons cheaper!
  15. My SA had a dark silver 227 today..... do you want his info?... PM me (I passed and got metallic black b/c I have a dark gold which is supposedly similar to dark silver)