Arrghh! Some people need to LEARN how to drive!!

  1. OMG... I was driving home about 1/2 hour ago, and was going across an intersection(through a green light, I might add, that was no where close to changing) when a car decides to make a right turn DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME (sorry for the caps, I'm still shaky here)! I had to swerve into the lane beside me so that I wouldn't drive into them, and still I was mere inches away! If I hadn't braked AND swerved, I would have definitely hit the front side of their car! I mean, who in their right mind would try to make a sketchy right turn with a RED light?! :cursing:

    Thanks for letting me vent, I'm still a little shook up, it was a really close call.

    And yes, I know I shouldn't have swerved into another lane, but I was seriously freaking out. Thank goodness there weren't any cars in that lane! Ugh!
  2. Bad drivers are my worst pet peeve. Glad you're OK though. You've really got to pay attention at all times. It's even worse now that jacka**es drive around chatting on their cell phones. I think they should make cars that automatically implode if turn signals are not used when making a turn. :hysteric:
  3. Oh My, this happened to my dad and i a couple weeks ago, we were in the freeway and this 2-door little compact car cuts us off, she was going at like 10 miles an hour, WITHOUT even turning her signal lights on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and we were driving our suv!!!!! Dumb people!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It happens ALL the time to me....honk like crazy and curse out the idiots.

    There's traffic up ahead and the idiot on the cell two cars back doesn't brake in time and quickly swerves to the next lane, striking another car...that happened a week ago. The cars that brake instantly because they missed their exit or took the wrong street...the ones who reverse on a highway to get to their exit. The ones who almost side-swipe you because they're on the cell and don't realize how far into the next lane their car is going...:cursing: and on and on...:cursing:
  5. Some drivers are unbelieveable they are often in a world of their own....glad to hear you are OK.
  6. Thanks for the support everyone! I'm more calm now, it's so true that some people don't pay attention to others when they drive!
  7. (((ChenChen))) Glad you are okay.

    I could not live in a larger city with all the nuts running loose on the roads. Just driving to Santa Rosa scares me to death, and I know the roads there. It never ceases to amaze me how people act like they are sitting in their livingrooms without a care in the world when they are behind the wheel, literally in control of a deadly weapon and they don't pay attention!!
  8. Alooooooooooooooooooot of people need to learn how to drive! I wonder sometimes if drivers licenses are now available from gum ball machines!
  9. I had a close encounter on my way home tonight as well. I was driving on the freeway minding my own business when I saw a car suddenly zoom up on me from behind. He decided to go to the lane to the right of me which was also merging into my lane 40 feet in front of me. Mind you, we were traveling at normal freeway speeds (not 65 mph). He narrowly got past me without running off the freeway.

    I'm glad we made it home tonight!! :police:
  10. Too many people, too many cars, and not enough brains to go's scary out there!

    Glad you're safe!
  11. glad your okay, and I feel your pain. this one driver decides to get in my lane out of no where. no indication, no moving slowly, just abruptly switched!!

    well, good thing there was no one in the lane on my left because I quickly switched lanes!!

    it took all the power that i had not to just ram into his car with rage!! I did honk the horn repeatedly, he could have caused a serious accident!! Jerk

    whoever said women were the worst drivers hasn't been paying attention. The worse I have seen were from males.
  12. Where i live these idiots are everywhere. You wonder why LA has the most traffic...its not that we have too many cars, we jus have a lot of stupid people getting into accidents and clogging up the lanes.
  13. Ugh, living in LA I can totally relate. I joke with my mom that I think I am going to get into a car accident everyday. But I am only half joking :s
  14. maybe she was from Jersey?! LOL!
  15. I deal with crap like this daily to and from work. I have to travel on two major highways, and I can't stand it. With the way some people drive they deserve to get into accidents, unfortunately that would mean an innocent person being involved. It's also usually the people who already have a huge dent in their car too! Idiots.