Arrgh! What is going on with HH?

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  1. I called HH this morning to cancel the VCP clutch wallet since it was backordered and everything else I wanted is ready to go. I thought I was quite clear with the woman I was talking to, that it was *only* the wallet I wanted removed. So when I get my email confirmation on Paypal, it shows that they've refunded me *all* my money, not just the $ for the wallet. Does that mean they've cancelled it all? I just tried calling, but they've closed for the day. Sigh. Maybe this is a sign, I should really just ban myself.
  2. Oh boy, hopefully you can get them on the phone first thing tomorrow and get the rest of your stuff back.
  3. When you canceled your VCP clutch, did the CS rep say they would expedite the rest of your order? I really don't know how it's working, because some people are saying that HH is splitting their shipment, because of the Backorder issue. However this is not the case for me. Only time will tell I guess, but I would really tiffed if I miss out on the rest of my order just because I'm waiting for the VCP as well. I guess I'll just wait for now.

    Back to your issue with the canceled order, I would email them now. They might get the message tonight and respond. And maybe followup with a call tomorrow.
  4. I've had things ship separately with HH before if something was backordered. Not sure if that info helps any but...
  5. The rest of my stuff was already had tracking numbers so they were either en route or ready to go, that's the bizarre thing, swolfcg :confused1:. They had already split the shipment on the order with the VCP wallet, so I figured I might was well cancel the wallet since the stuff I really wanted was on its way. One of the items was a completely separate order and had "departed" according to UPS (but it's now rescheduled), so it looks like they cancelled everything that was under my name. Why would they do that?

    I sent them an email already, but I think I'll try and call them before I head to work. I'm trying to take a zen attitude about it...whatever happens, happens. But I really want my stuff :crybaby:
  6. That does suck Sirene. Hopefully they can sort it out for you! Think happy thoughts!!
  7. Update: I am total dolt. I totally read my Paypal account wrong earlier and panicked. I think everything is/was okay and I should be getting the stuff I ordered after all. I just wish I'd realized my mistake before starting this thread! Ben or Toni, if you're reading this, I am so sorry! I've sent a totally apologetic email to CS and now I'm slinking back to lurkdom...

    Is there any way to make this thread disappear?
  8. No...unfortunately the thread will stay's easy to panic when we are talking about our beloved HH...LOL...Done it many times myself...

    I am so glad to hear it all worked out and your stuff is on the way!!
  9. No worries! We all panic once in a while. Glad you are getting your stuff!

  10. Aww. Don't beat yourself up. Anyone can make a mistake. :hugs:

    I think you can contant a mod and they can close the thread.
  11. I just got a cancellation email for the Pewter Corcovado... Not that I had my heart set on it or anything, but I was sort of excited about getting it :/
  12. my first HH purchase and leather bag plunge - pewter corc just got canceled too ... i am beyond super bummed ...
  13. I just have to say that CS has been really awesome lately, even while they are completely swamped. I called this morning about my orders, and was received by a very cheerful and helpful lady. She seemed really concerned with working out my order issues, and told me that she would look into and followup. I got an email, clearing up the whole matter within a couple of hours.
    I can understand those who are quite disappointed with their cancellations, but I do they think they are doing the best they can. They are small company and their customers are many. Just my two cents, for what it's worth.
  14. :search:Where, oh where could my little purse be? Oh where, oh where could it be? With its shiny logo tags and its funky print lining- oh where, oh where could it be?

    Just a little music to lighten the mood while everyone anticipates the arrival of their AWESOME purchases! For those who just missed out, please take heart! These will not be the only lovey bags to tease you with their jaunty turnlocks and sassy leathers! There will be others... oh yes... there will be others.:sunshine:
  15. Okay I am so confused. I sent this in for a return and HH received it on 21 Jan. Then it was updated today with a Repair RMA. Huh? I didn't send it in for repair, but return. I've never returned anything to HH, is this status usual for Returns? I got this after they closed, so I have not received a response yet.

    Order History

    On 1/06/2009 the following item(s) were shipped via UPS Ground with tracking #1zx3573r0345170022:

    Item Size Qty Turnlock Tote, CordovanN/A1

    On 1/23/2009 RMA #112319125213 was issued for the repair of 1 Corcovado Turnlock Tote, Cordovan.