ARRGGGGH!! I'm going INSANE itching!!!

  1. Some of you know my long saga about my botched back surgery from 11/06 and some of the other details, but to keep it brief, I haven't been able to tolerate any type of pain medication, nerve pain meds, you name it, without HORRIBLE side effects. The only way I've been able to manage the pain is with Tylenol (arthritis strength) and Aleve. I call it my Tylenol cocktail. Tylenol handles the pain, Aleve handles the inflammation. Neither works on its own very well.

    Soooooo, on top of all the other aggravation I'm dealing with, I've been having spells of the WORST itchy skin rashes on my neck, upper chest and today even my face is itching. It started over the weekend, but went full tilt yesterday. I even went so far as to not take either one since yesterday afternoon thinking it would clear up. I did take the Tylenol this morning, but I was hurting more than itching, so what do you do?

    Anyway, just venting right now. I guess I'll have to go off everything but Benadryl and cortisone cream for the weekend to get rid of this and hurt like hell while I treat it. AARRRRGGGGHHH!!!! :mad:
  2. Yikes, cortisone might make it worse if it is something like a dermatitis..I you have some atirax? I don't think I am spelling it right..but it is great for itching. Good luck..
  3. If you are allowed to take a bath, I would highly suggest an oatmeal bath. I don't know exactly what it is but there is something in the oatmeal that really helps calm down itchy skin. I get insanely dry and itchy skin all year round and have been doing this for years, as sometimes it seems to be the only think that helps.

    To do it, all you need to do is take 1 cup of unflavored oatmeal and crush them into a fine powder (I usually use my food processor or blender) and then run a warm back and stir the oatmeal in with and then just soak. I know they also make packets of this stuff that you can buy in the grocery store too, but I think they are kind of expensive.

    Oh, and PS. Be careful to rinse out the tub well when you are done, so it's not too slick.
  4. No advice, PP, just support for what you are enduring. The entire situation is rotten and unfair. I hope this clears up for you. what a choice--terrible pain or horrendous itching.
  5. I'm sending lots of pain-relieving and itch-reducing thoughts your way! :heart:
  6. Is it an allergic reaction?

  7. Yes, it is. I guess I didn't make that very clear yesterday. I wasn't exactly thinking straight when I typed that!!! :push:

    Divyaangana, It's too hard to get comfy in a tub any more, so oatmeal baths are out, but I've been keeping a bottle of Aveeno Anti-Itch Lotion in the house since I've been reacting to so many meds this way. Let's just say the bottle got a work out yesterday along with the box of Benadryl I got!!

    Thanks for the moral support guys! The itching is feeling a bit better this morning. I also thought I'd see how I did on Motrin for the pain today instead of the other stuff, so I took some of that. We'll see!:shrugs:

    Thankfully my appointment with the new surgeon is this Thursday (FINALLY!!) so maybe there's an end in sight to all this mess.....

  8. You poor thing!! Sometimes I think itching is the worst thing ever. :push:

    I have had excema my whole life and it really acts up when it's cold and dry and especially when I take hot showers (which are bliss when it's cold and dry, argh) and extra much when I am super-stressed: check all above!! My leg itches so bad I just want to get a fork and SCRATCH :sweatdrop:

    I hope the benadryl helps you soon!! :flowers:
  9. Witch Hazel also helps with itchy skin from reactions.

    I've had five spinal surgeries, I so know how you feel. The worse one was when they put me in a fiberglass body cast in the middle of summer and I didn't have A/C.

    Hang in there and I wish you all the luck with the new surgeon.
  10. PP, huge hugs and prayers to you! Glad you are meeting with a new surgeon soon. I pray relief is in sight.
  11. Make sure u arent allergic to the meds u r still taking.I found out I was allergic to ibuprofin took me forever to figure out what I was allergic to!
  12. ^^^It's definitely either Aleve, or Tylenol or Motrin, Jill. I've known this for months. Somehow I'm not making it clear in my posts that I know they are the culprit. The problem is I HAVE to take something for the pain or I'm immobile, hence the frustration....

    Only 4 1/2 days to hopefully some resolution of all this. My appointment is 11:15 on Thursday this week. Finally!

    On a side note, even though I've gotten excellent references about this surgical group from patients, I got a killer reference this weekend. DH works the Charlotte Checkers hockey games. One of the MD's that works at the same hospital with DH (and went to Russia with DH a few years ago) is a hockey fan and ran into DH. I used to work at the same hospital too, so the MD knows me as well. DH told him where I was going this week and the MD had nothing but the highest praise for the group, saying I'd be in good hands.

    Considering that this group isn't affiliated with the hospital, that's pretty high praise. :tup:
  13. ^^^That's the kind of thing you want to hear when you're facing potential surgery, PP. We'll be thinking about you on Thursday! (and every other day, for relief)
  14. PP: Hope the itching gets better. This crazy weather we are having is probably not helping either. And best of luck on Thursday - let us know how it goes.