Arrggg..My T3 Overnight hairdryer blew out on me!!

  1. I've had my t3 dryer for about 4 months I maybe use it 3-4 times a week. I went to turn it on this morning and it made this wierd noise like it was blowing up and now it just makes this errrr noise and obviously does not work.

    I really hope that I registered it but I really don't remember! I bought one of their flat irons too and I might have just registered that one. :wtf: I really hope I don't have to go out and buy a whole new one, $130 isn't a simple replacement.

    :shrugs:Not sure what I should do besides try and clean it? I didn't even know you were supposed to take it apart until I looked? I figured they were referring to the bigger dryer.
  2. if you bought it at a store, take it back and exchange it. there is no way that a hair dryer that costs that much should only last 4 months. 4 months seems like a reasonable time to at least exchange for the same product. if all else fails say you got it as a gift (if you're worried about not having a reciept or past the returning deadline)
  3. I bought it online through Sephora.
  4. Heath - the great thing about T3 products is they have a 1 year warranty but Sephora will also take back T3 hair dryers. As long as you have a receipt that shows when you purchased it, you can take it back to Sephora and they will replace it for you. Did you put the filter on when you first purchased it? The care card states that this is a very important step and can affect the dryer if not done.
  5. I would say try and clean it first. This happened to me recently, not with a T3 though, but I didn't realize that the back vent was completely clogged with lint. I took it off and rinsed it out and voila! Brand new again!
  6. just return it to the warranty address listed on the site with a copy of reciept, MO for 14.95 (shipping charge fee) and they'll replace the dryer..instructions are on there site
    hope this helps oh I almost forgot their warranty is 48 months longI just replace my featherweight dryer and my overnight..
  7. i've had my t3 for almost 3 years and its starting to make a strange noise...i'm really not looking forward to the day it dies on me!!
  8. It sounds like the fan is loose but I can't figure out how to get the darn thing open. So far as I know it did not come with a filter?!? Anyone know what it looks like? I may have thrown it away on accident thinking it was just packaging.

    I'm thinking I might take it to Sephora and see if they know how to operate it or else call the manufacturer.
  9. Oh no! Sorry to hear that.
    I have always wanted to purchase the T3 hair dryer, but I heard bad reviews about it on makeupalley. I don't think your the only one who has this problem. They should give you a replacement considering how much you spent on it.
  10. If you bought it at Sephora even if it was online, they will take it back or exchange it. There very good with taking returns.. That's awful that it happened only after using it a few times..Good luck sweetie...
  11. That's a shame! I've had my T3 (also from Sephora on-line) for about a year and-a-half with no problems. Maybe it will re-start after you clean the filter. I do that every so often.
  12. I'm thinking that I need to clean the filter and reattach whatever is loose, but I can't figure out how to open the darn thing!! Guess I will have to call the manufacturer to ask.
  13. It's a little tricky to figure out, but there's a black, plastic grill thing on the opposite end of where the air comes out to dry your hair. You have to snap that back (I wedged a pair of tweezers under it to get it to open). That part collects some lint, but inside of that there's a metal mesh screen that pops out too. It's hard to get out, but it will with a little work. I wash that with water and dry it before replacing it. It's the piece that gets the most gunk on it.

    Good luck!
  14. I called the customer service number and she said that this particular model does not have the filter. I'm going to call Sephora and double check it to make sure that they take it back and then go into the store for help.

    I don't have the receipt anymore but I have my credit card statement and my order record on
  15. Well good to know that the dryer was just defective and did not malfunction by my fault.

    I took it back to Sephora as suggested and they gave me a brand new one!! YAY, finally have my hairdryer back, it's hard to go back to the cheap ones after using a expensive one!!