Arrest Warrant out for Wesley Snipes

  1. Yikes!
    Someone tell me why is it always the uber-rich who very often fail to file their taxes and those who are barely scraping by who pay them faithfully?!
  2. i cant even imagine that much money!!
  3. that's quite a bit of money he owes :wtf:
  4. My thoughts exactly. Do they feel entitled--laws and rules don't apply to them because they're famous?:mad:
  5. Yikes is right! $12 mil?!
  6. Because they think they are slick and can fool the government. :smash: :smash: :smash:
  7. whoa! 12 million?!?! how did he think he'd get away with THAT???
  8. Dude, that's a crazy amount of money.
    But then again, maybe he hired an accountant or someone to do the job and didn't bother to check with them??
  9. 12 M :wtf: ...

  10. I'm glad it's come and bitten him back in the ass! He definitely deserves it!
  11. It was probably way less than 12 million but with penalties, etc., it's climbed higher.

    Unfortunately many celebs make the mistake of trusting their financial affairs to the wrong people and this can be the result....
  12. I'm with you pyrexia,I'm sick of these celebs pulling this crap and trying to pass the blame off on their accountants etc.:cursing:
  13. Wow...