Arquette Stunned By Weight Loss Demands !!

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  1. Saturday, August 19 2006, 12:05 BST - by Susanna Regan
    Patricia Arquette has talked about her disbelief at being asked to lose weight for her role in Medium.

    The actress had recently given birth when she signed on for the part of psychic detective Allison DuBois in the series, but refused to tone up as she did not think it would be true to the character.

    Talking to Contactmusic, she revealed: "When I started Medium I'd gained a stone and a half from having my daughter Harlow. The producer said, 'Honey, you've got to lose some weight'."

    "I felt like saying, 'I don't want to do this job then,' because, to be honest with you, I'm trying to make little changes in the world. If it made any sense for this part - if this part was a supermodel or anorexic - then okay. But DuBois is a mother of three in a long-term marriage. It doesn't make sense," Arquette explained.

  2. Good for her!! and it doesn't make sense!! Not many mothers of three are skinny little anorexic things. In fact i've yet to see one. Its horrendous the pressure these idiots put on actresses.
  3. Wow, good for her!!!!! It's nice to see an actress stand up and refuse to be ultra skinny and unhealthy!! I think she looks great in that pic.
  4. I love the show Medium and think Patricia Arquette plays the part perfectly. She even won an award for her performance, what more could they want? Peggy
  5. What a ridiculus request by the producer, she looks gorgeous as she is.
  6. Love to hear this!:yes:
  7. One of the reasons I love that show is because the characters look like real people, the house looks realistic and so do the kids. Does anyone remember all the David Kelley produced shows- it seems like every one of them had actresses who were thin to the extreme. (Calista Flockhart and Lara Flynn Boyle being two) I remember reading something somewhere that was said by another actress (whose name escapes me right now) that implied that he pressured them to be super thin. I am not sure if that's true but it's nice to see one actress rebelling against that!
  8. I love Patricia Arquette. I would love her two stone heavier or two stone lighter. These produces have no idea what real people want to watch on TV.
    Look at the girls (ladies) of Wisteria Lane. By series 2, you could not relate to one of them, unless you fancied a lollipop ! :biggrin:
  9. Like she's fat ? She is a NORMAL weight , she looks fine . Hollywood is so wrong w/ the pressure it puts on women to be "perfect" . It is so demeaning . One day soon ( hopefully ) I will have kids , and i will no longer ( maybe ) be a size 4 . Does that mean I'm fat and undesireable ? No . it means I'm normal .
  10. ppl in soap operas are threatened with their jobs daily because they wont lose weight.. *sigh*
  11. I say good for her!
  12. Um...her husband, i.e. "The Punisher", is H-O-T. Apparantely he has no problems with her weight!!!

    I love P.A.!!!
  13. Yay for her!!!! *Someone* in Hollywood needs to take a stand for Pete's sake!!! She is gorgeous at any weight...sorry but those producers are a-holes.
  14. This is great to hear. I wish more actresses in hollywood would make the same stand.
  15. That's ridiculous. Her role is not meant to be steamy sexy or anything. She fits her role. Why change it?