Around The House

  1. What do you wear on your feet when you are relaxing at home ?

    Slippers, Mules, Bare feet, Socks,Comfy Shoes or something else ?

    I wear mules in the Summer and big fluffy slippers the rest of the time.

  2. I'm a sock girl. But when I am home in Florida, bare feet. My mom keeps her house so clean it is ridiculous!
  3. Barefeet or somekind of slippers. Usually, these mesh chinese ones.
  4. Slippers or barefoot - don't like socks.
  5. Slippers, flip flops or barefeet, I hate wearing socks when I don't have shoes on.
  6. bare feet. i hate having things on my feet.
  7. Bare foot for sure! I get a pedicure every 2 I NEVER have on closed toed shoes, and the minute I walk in the door, my thongs, sandals or flip flops are off!
  8. slipper in the bathroom and kitchen. Socks in the house. Bare feet in bed
  9. My white cotton socks and my slippers. I am definitely not making a fashion statement with these things!
  10. bare foot or fluffy slippers
  11. No shoes allowed in my house...bare feet for me!
  12. Slippers and socks for me.
  13. Same here! My MIL absolutley hates it, but oh well. :lol:

    I usually wear socks (anklets) or I am bare foot. I do have a pair of Kermet slippers that I will occasionally pull out if it gets really cold.
  14. Socks. Cute socks! I have argyle, pink, striped, etc. socks. Haha I love 'em!
  15. Barefoot !