Arnold S, Maria Shriver & The Kids

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    Patrick Schwarzenegger, First Son
  4. Thanks for sharing!
    One happy family.
  5. The girl looks like her mom
  6. Wow the daughter looks like Maria - except she looks much healthier.
  7. Cute family!
  8. Cute!
  9. Their daughter is stunning!
  10. Good looking family! Everyone looks great! Yep, the girl looks just like Maria. Those on her side of the family has so much healthy. They have the patent on the hair
  11. Maria always reminded me of an anorexic horse...But I like her, I think she's nice :smile:
  12. nice photos! thanks 4 sharing!
  13. They have another daughter (the oldest) not pictured here. They look great together.
  14. I agree, Maria's side has great hair.
  15. OT: what is Maria's hand bag? looks like an hermes birkin