Army Green Is The NEW Black...Look at my boots!!!

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  1. I received a text from my SA at NM that I had to come in and it was urgent! So I meet him in the shoe department and evil as he is... revealed a pair of thigh high CL army green canvas boots with gold buttons that climb all the way to the top! Such a rare beauty that happens to be my size and the last in the company. What is a girl to do but take them to a safe home and start hunting for clothes... any suggestions? :idea:

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  2. OMG! I love your boots! :faints: How about a nice dress or skirt with a fierce jacket?
  3. I will post better pics tonight... these don't show green well enough... sorry!
  4. Mj - those are HOT! Love the army green!
  5. Those are pretty fabulous! Can't wait to see more pictures.
  6. HAWT!!! I love them!
  7. Those are HOT!!! I love the color!!
  8. DEFINITELY A KEEPER, you can pair those with so many things!!!!! leggings, dresses, skirts. jeans(maybe). They are HOT HOT HOT!!! and look great on your legs!
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    those are going to stop traffic! They are the bomb!!! Congrats on getting the last pair:cloud9:
  10. that's really nice for the SA to do that. Congrats on such a gorgeous pair of boots!
  11. Fabulous, MJ!
  12. Love the boots!!:biggrin:
  13. So hot. A pair of leggings and a biker jacket.
  14. Girllllllllllll those things are HOT! I would wear them with anything and dare someone say something!! but really you could do anything esp. skinnny jeans, skirts, leggings.. etc.
  15. I love love love them and your AV! Congrats.